meta data

  1. M

    Change Meta Data infinity from a picture

    Hi, looking for a website or a bot to chnage meta data from one image. Like the location.. if you know a website who do that let me know ;)
  2. SMMTribe

    Instagram Mass report Bot

    HI there, I'd like to hire a programmer who can code mass report for me. This will be used for personal purposes
  3. A

    PDF meta-data expert

    Dear Friends, We are looking for a PDF meta-data expert. We need to know ALL the meta data that can be determined. We use the basic available tools to clean meta data, but need to be on the safe side. $100-$2000 compensation for information, removal services/app…etc
  4. C

    Edit individual pages in Cpanel?

    Yo, If you don't have a plugin to help with writing meta data or wanted to no-index individual pages how would you do this in Cpanel? Thanks
  5. alexseo12

    Articles Indexed in the Google Scholar Search Engine

    Hello fellas, I've notice that some of my articles (health niche) are indexed in the Google Scholar Search Engine. However, the tile shown in "Scholar-SERPS" is just the name of my website rather than "meta title" tag that you normally see in serps. This for sure reduces the CTR of my...
  6. ACAjets

    Confirm major website issue for me?

    Huge tank on google since the beginning of the month and was thinking I fell victim to their November update. However, I think I've discovered a major technical issue. All of the schema, title, meta, and h1/h2 data are missing when I crawl with ahrefs, screaming frog, moz, and google's tools...
  7. Neocortx

    Thumbnail images in google search results (phone)

    Hello BHW! I'm curious if anyone knows how to maximize the chance that google shows an image thumbnail in its (normal) search results on the phone. A friend of mine is a psychotherapist, and when searching for that topic with her location, most competitors have image thumbnails (pic of...
  8. S

    My website meta title is currently "You must enable javascript to view this page."

    My website meta title is currently "You must enable javascript to view this page." please note that javascript is enabled at all times, can you help me identify the problem? thank you so much
  9. marian.ivanovv

    Instagram Meta Data

    Hello people, My question is about Instagram Meta data & MD5 hash thing. I heard they ban or shadowban many accounts who didn't edit the metadata and the MD5 hash from the video they downloaded. I found a solution with the photos metadata & MD5 hash. I just take a screenshot and the metadata...
  10. C

    We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

    someone at the #1 spot for my keyword has this for his meta description in google and bing. He is supported by a pbn so he obviously knows about IM. Why would he leave off meta data??
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