messenger bots

  1. T

    Facebook Messenger ditches Discover, demotes chat bots

    Big changes with FB ChatBots! From March 1st you won't be able to send automated messages to clients that haven't interacted with you in the past 24 hours. Also, FB is changing the Messenger app with the focus of speed and simplicity instead of broad utility like China’s WeChat. Source...
  2. jul3s

    [Method] Make money with building a list of loyal messenger subscribers (Step by Step)

    It’s time for everyone to take advantage of messenger marketing and do something about it right now. Due to the high open rate messenger subscribers, if build right, can be more valuable then email subscribers these days. In this method, I will explain exactly how we are building a list of...
  3. The Curator

    How to increase engagement on FB ads without using engagement-bait?

    Setting up a messenger campaign for a lead-magnet, but don't want to run afoul of engagement-bait rules. Anyone figure out a good way of increasing engagement on ads for lead magnets?
  4. The Curator

    How to give away lead magnets with FB Messenger compliantly?

    Been seeing a ton of posts about FB's crackdown on engagement bait - and I was looking to give away a high quality lead magnet via a messenger ad, and then hitting them up to see if they want to attend a timely webinar on the topic. How to do this compliantly? Appreciate any help!
  5. DMWD


    Tutorials: Tutorials are available for pretty much every feature packed into Robot Chat Messenger Bot. Complete Article Tutorials For Robot Chat Messenger Bot Video Tutorials For Robot Chat Messenger Bot...
  6. J

    WhatsApp Messenger Broadcast Marketing

    Hey Guys can you please recommend me a tool for broadcast. It is important to me that the customers (who have not saved my number) also receive my messages and that I can use all functions of WebwhatsApp ( Voice messaging ). I thank you for your help!
  7. S

    Excited to be an Ex-Lurker

    Hi all, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jad and I just started a consulting business helping people set up Facebook messenger bots. Still trying to build a website showcasing and selling my skills, but BHW has definitely been a big help in finding and implementing the right...
  8. HenryObi

    Need A Bot To Message Facebook Fans(people who like page) Directly Outside Of ChatBots

    Hi, Just as the topic says. I'm looking for a bot or a tool or even script that could enable me send messages directly to my facebook fans. Messenger bots won't work because they were my fans before I started using chatbots. So am basically looking for a tool/bot that'll enable me convert them...
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