1. B

    Bulk Private Message Database

    Looking for a database of private messages. I've been working on an ai companion chatbot for a while now but it's missing that human touch to how it replies to people. Attempting a different approach using my DMs from every account I have shows promising results. So I'm looking to expand the...
  2. eaglehunter

    Looking for someone who can send bulk whatsapp messages

    As the title suggests, I need someone who can send bulk whatsapp messages.
  3. Julian Brockmann

    How secure is unified messaging?

    Unified messaging means that you get a phone number that acts as a fax and mailbox. Now whenever people call this mailbox and record a message, it's being delivered to your mailbox as a wav file and fax messages are converted to pdf. Let's say you send sensitive data like a cv to this number...
  4. ReMMcO

    My Scrapebox messages only show one line.

    When I write a message (with the Windows editor or Scrapebox Text Editor) all the lines will be seen as different messages and it only sends one line. With the Test Comments/Messages button I see only one line and by sending it to my own form also only one line is sent. Does anyone know how I...
  5. Facebook_Master

    How to monetize hundreds of messages asking me for diet plans

    Hello, I have a large weight loss facebook page and I am always getting tons of messages from people asking for a specific diet plan. Do you have a suggestion on how to monetize these private messages with something that is a freebie (This audience is not likely to pay anything I feel). I know...
  6. C

    Chaturbate message bot , or script .

    Hello world , I need a freelancer to setup a bot or a script who will just move from tab to tab and leave the same message on Chaturbate .
  7. nickZ

    WhatsApp help if you can please

    Guys I need is the story in short 1 year ago I was working with a partner, it ended up badly him stealing money etc. and in addition he was sending me threatening messages and video over WhatsApp. I did not replay and have instead deleted them and block the guy. Now he is suing me...
  8. Vybra

    Does anyone else do this?

    Hey BHW I have had this thought in my head and not sure if anyone else thinks the same but... Do you look at your own "Messages" and "Likes Received" as if it were a Kill/Death ratio? o_O And I don't mean it in a bad way, I just see it as a motivation to contribute more to the forum and...
  9. PowerKnipser

    Messages stuck at 50?

    I recently hit the 50 messages bar and I'm very happy that I'm now officially not a newbie anymore :D Anyways, I wrote some other messages and started a new thread yesterday but my "messages" tab still remains at 50 messages. Is that normal after hitting the 50 messages bar?
  10. jackmorgan

    How to automate DM with filters in MP?

    Hi guys. As the title says, I struggle with automating sending the messages in Jarvee. Basically, what I want to do is to send messages to people that have more than a number of followers, and have certain keywords in their BIO. Tags would do fine too. The thing is I don't want to send these...
  11. W

    Anyone knows how to spam Fanpages via private Messages?

    Hi guys, does anyone of you know how to spam fanpages (not private profiles) with private messages? Without getting banned of course ;) So far i am planning to do this with different profiles, each one with a unique proxy, sending different messages (same content but different wording) in a...
  12. JackMagic

    Instagram Direct Message limits??

    Hi there, I'm continuously getting blocked, for 12-24hrs, from sending direct messages to accounts that aren't following me. I'll send 2 to 5 an hour and end up blocked. I message accounts the same message over and over, so I'm reluctant to report it in case my account gets deleted. But on...
  13. M

    Need Opinion to Go Viral!

    Hey Guys, I am looking for some opinions here, as I see most of you are experts at this... I am a young Argentinian entrepreneur. I have a global design agency and my goal is to go viral, I have one message to "catch" new potential clients, at first I am offering a FREE trial of my services, so...
  14. L

    Best Bot / Application to add friends and send messages to them

    Hi! During the last days i have been reading some threads and trying to find a bot/application to send friends request based on uid list. With features like configure proper delay between each friend request for example, remove non-accepted requests, etc. Also to be able later to message those...
  15. L

    Help to Send Facebook Inbox Messages

    Hi! Sometime ago i was sending inbox messages through facebook e-mails with SMTP servers to FB URL profiles i previously scrape, at first they would go to Inbox inside Facebook and then to the configured e-mail inside facebook (hotmail, gmail, etc.) when facebook changed their settings. This...
  16. S

    hotmail spam messages

    how do i forward hotmail spam messages to inbox automatically?
  17. B

    How many Facebook messages can I manually send per hour without being banned?

    I'm looking to manually message my website URL to a select group of people via Facebook. This isn't some elaborate project that is going to require a bot, but I'm looking to get this URL to about 2000-5000 people. I have all summer and I sit at a desk for most of my mornings, and I'm looking...
  18. A Alternatives?

    Do you know alternatives? It was so sad that it's already shutted down due to new system on Google
  19. C

    Demo wp robot how change timer please ?

    Hi all, Is it possible in demo wp robot (limited to 3 campaigns) change the timer (it's 1 message per hour in default). Want to change exemple 1 message per 15 minuts. How you do it in demo version if possible please. Thanks a lot, have a nice day. Cris
  20. jackhorror

    [GET] Delete all Messages on Facebook

    Hallo! I am using a bot to send messages to my friends on facebook and my inbox gets full (5000 messages everytime i send something). I was looking for a script but i didn't found any!... So i made one & tested it, it works fine for me (but it takes some time). Hope this works for you too! :)...
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