1. P

    Aggregate all messages from Facebook accounts

    We have several facebook accounts with lots of messages, we use anti-detection browser to manage these accounts. We are looking for a simple method to group all the messages (if we can group them all on a single page). Which application offers this kind of functionality? we don't want to open...
  2. T

    How to block the default adsense GDPR message on some pages only?

    If you have setup autoads on your site using adsense you will know you can excude certain pages or a range of pages from the ads. But can you do this with the GDPR message? I dont see an option to. if you turn on the GDPR message for the site on adsense it shows it on all pages on the domain...
  3. DanTe_0101

    Do you collect sms data of your customers? We can help you make more money from it.

    Hello, Do you have your own product or landing pages where you collect customer info which contains mobile ph? We can help you monetize and extract every last penny from such data. I am looking for such sms data in nutra, sweeps, etc sites or products but not limited to it, we can work with...
  4. L

    i need temporary phone number to receive otp

    i need temporary phone number to receive otp from new york can some one please help me in this Thank You
  5. Julian Brockmann

    How secure is unified messaging?

    Unified messaging means that you get a phone number that acts as a fax and mailbox. Now whenever people call this mailbox and record a message, it's being delivered to your mailbox as a wav file and fax messages are converted to pdf. Let's say you send sensitive data like a cv to this number...
  6. Andrew2019

    I can send over 500,000 messages to people who use Magento. How to monetize?

    Hello everyone. I need an advice I can send over 500,000 messages to people who use Magento. But I have a problem, I do not know what to offer them. Perhaps there are people here who have ideas? What do people who use Magento need? What kind of service do they need? I am ready for any...
  7. tommyboy34

    Want To Hire: Send Reddit Chats To Users From Certain Subreddit

    I am looking to hire a freelancer that can send chat messages to Redditers that post in a certain subreddit... Freelancer would need to check the subreddit every 15 minutes and respond to each new poster. .10 per chat message Freelancer must have their own Reddit accounts.
  8. Vonn

    Hello World

    I'm Vonn I am here to learn as much as possible from good people. I have many talents I can offer as well. Does anyone know how to PM?
  9. abradabra

    Chatbots that Convert - Automate Sales, Marketing & Customer Support

  10. New Way Pay

    Automatic Growth Gain (Daily) Direct Message System

    Hey, everybody, I am looking for ways to set up an automatic direct message system that will message users there total growth that they received through the day. I have seen a lot of different auto dm tools but I have not seen too many that are able to personalize not only data within the...
  11. Pedrobrazil

    Linkedin Introduction message

    Good morning Fellas, I have a question for you all linkedin experts: what would be a good template for an inmail introduction when you add contacts on your profile. please assist.
  12. Vybra

    Can I get hacked on skype?

    Can I get hacked on skype? If so, how or what can I do so this doesn't happen. Just want to be secure :alien:
  13. D

    BlackHat World Error

    Hello, guys, I am trying to share some content at the Members Download Section but when I post OneDrive or Mega link I keep getting this error message: Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your...
  14. Med Faker

    How to send bulk messages through facebook

    Which bot do you guys recemmend for sending bulk messages to all facebook friends?
  15. imustbebored

    INSANE Facebook Loophole Found - Message Every Website Visitor Automatically

    First of all, I want to make one thing very clear: I am not selling this method here. Do not reply to this thread asking me to sell the method to you or anything of the sort, all requests for this will be ignored. Now that that's out of the way, I'm reaching out on here looking for some...
  16. A

    How To Automatically Message Every Website Visitor on Facebook Messenger?

    Hi all, I have a bit of an...interesting question. I'm wondering if anyone here knows the solution to this. Recently, I visited a website and right as I did, I received an automatic message on Facebook Messenger from the site's Facebook page telling me about their products and what deals they...
  17. X


    I really need a KIK message sender that will send my promotion link to thousands of random users everyday. If you're interested plz PM me or reply down in the comments. :)
  18. G

    Soundcloud Message

    Hi, I need to send about 200 messages per day on soundcloud to the lists I prepare every day. Can anyone help me do this without being banned? Please PM me with the price, i'am not able to reply or send PM message. Thanks!
  19. H

    I need a Youtube sharing bot made or info on how to make one

    im looking for something similiar to tube tool box... i know they made a different website but i cant sign up for one.. so im willing to try to create my own or pay for one that actually works.... a free trial would be great so i can actually see if it works then id invest in it 1000% if it...
  20. mangoodi

    Reason For Message Count Decreasing

    My post count decreasing frequently:oops: What would be the Reason? Is that depend on category wise or any other factors need to be considered?o_O Thanks In Advance:)
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