1. Bozuyuk

    a little motivation

    i'm leaving a motivational word, if everyone left one, it might be useful for someone A year from now you may wish you had started today. -Karen Lamb.
  2. DesignCamp

    Which books had the most impact on your life?

    I’ve read quite a few books over the past years. I even read the most cliched books “The 4-hour workweek” and “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck”. Both these books didn’t impact me as much as they promised or their reviews promised. The 2 books that had the most impact on me and finally let...
  3. Shubhankar Paranjape

    Content Marketing 101 Strategy

    Golden Nuggets #1: Acquire New Client within 24 hours using Mousetrap Source: Whatsapp...
  4. Mazen Hlel

    Amazon FBA - Newish Seller Seeking a Mentor

    Hi guys :) BHW In the way of background, I've been selling on Amazon for about 6 months in my spare time while working a full time job as a technology consultant. I'm clear on the logistics of finding and launching an FBA product. I went the JumpSend/Viral Launch ==> Alibaba => Freightos route...
  5. CSharp7

    Hi Iam a Newbie But With BIG AMBITION

    Hi beautiful People You Can call me Csharp iam a developer of Mobile Application Its nice to meet you Guys i wish the best for you and all your Dreams Come true as soon possible Have a Good Day Guys Ps: My introduction have no relation of promotion for my membership.
  6. grubite420

    Beginning in CPA/Internet marketing as an absolute noob

    Hello, recently I came in contact with someone who is very successful in CPA. I've seen his results and they've been really impressive, I asked him for advice and he told me BHW is the best place to learn. I'd really like to get into this business but as of now, I have little web design...
  7. S

    Looking for mentor

    Hello fellow Members, Some weeks ago i set up my shopify store, added a lot of products, read a lot about dropshipping, shopify and e-commerce in general. But i still have questions about some things that i have to fully understand yet. I know that on blackhatworld there are many talented...
  8. lucrative_92

    No More Lone Wolf! My Journey to Find a Youtube Mentor

    Aristotle & Alexander the Great If you wanted to make BANK in the next couple of years with your life depending on it, would you try and do it yourself? Or would you piggyback off of somebody who can take you there? I've experimented with everything in IM for the past 1.5 years and learned a...
  9. kavian

    Preparing for my journey to richies

    Hello everyone! I joined BHW to learn IM for 1 reason only: to not work for a corporation where my life will be wasted away... but to be able to make money from anywhere in the world and be able to enjoy the better things in life. I've been reading the threads and there are so many fields a...
  10. GrowHack

    26 and hungry for wisdom

    Hey BHW, my name is Michael, I live in Portland Oregon USA and have been doing IM for 12 years. I'm at the point where I'm seeking more wisdom and trying everything I can from trying to become a free mason to joining the rotary club. The bottom line is I'm looking for a mentor that I can learn...
  11. trynewhorizons

    A plea from someone that needs a hand - Partner Sought

    Greetings, Don't worry I am not going to bore you with a a big plea on how I need help to complete some simple elaborate task, or even how to get rich quick. but I do have a problem.... Here's the thing, and feel free to laugh and flame all you want I am just looking for some options here, but...
  12. O

    Looking for other beginners to keep in contact with through our journey

    Hey everyone, I'm a beginner. I've spent a long time researching and learning about IM, and have started to take action. A friend who is very successful with online business told me that IM has a lot to do with networking and learning from each other. Well here I am, trying to reach out to...
  13. Euphorix

    How much money are they making?!

    Hi there, I've seen IG blogs that are selling products on their website. Usually they link their website in their bio and have a "Buy it now" *website link* in their posts. I want to be able to sort through those that are successful (doing 50k+/month) and those that aren't. Other than flat out...
  14. N

    I need friendly mentor "Please HELP"

  15. W

    Time to say hello and stop skulking around in the background!!!

    Hello there fellow Black-Hatters, my name is wasket71. I've been a member for a Couple of weeks now just having a look around, seeing who's posting what and where. Thought I'd say hello and introduce myself. The main reason I am here is because I decided to learn how to read, write and...
  16. S

    Who can take me by hand step by step till I earn my 1st $1000USD online

    Though a successful brick and mortal Author, Video Editor, Self Publisher with over 100books and video to my credit (all on the street market) ; I've being using the internet since 2001, and I have being searching all this while on how to make legitimate living online, I've registered with...
  17. E

    ClickBank starting help

    Hi, I am completely new to this but I consider my self a fast learner. I have 50 dollars at the current time I can spend on Clickbank to start making money as an Affiliate. I was wondering what I should do first? Should I save more money up or is it enough to start learning the ropes and maybe...
  18. M

    How to get twitter followers, and find a good niche (need a mentor)

    Hello ! I just joined BHW, I have been reading for around 30 minutes, and like the forum. I did not join BHW to ask for this. So, I want to make a Twitter account, and get a lot of followers, the number one reason for that is: I want to monetize it with Mylikes. Now, I have read the forums, and...
  19. F

    Ultra Newb have literally no clue about anything and willing to put in hours

    I am a fourteen year old high schooler looking to make money. I read a lot of success stories on here, but I don't understand anything about them. Like IMing and well any other kind of lingo or secret language you beautiful people talk in. I hate asking my parents for money, and who doesn't like...
  20. C

    Help!!! I need a mentor

    Hello everyone, I've been on this forum now for the last 4 yrs and recently decided to take the plunge. I was laid off a year ago and have tried ebay with some success but am looking to move forward and branch into membership sites and ecommerce. My overall goal is to build ten sites each...
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