1. B

    Bypassing Face Verification through android emulators, almost managing to do it [NEED HELP]

    Hi people, i've been looking for a way to bypass face verification in android emulators apps, like social media and banking apps, and I'm 90% complete with this task, but I'm facing a goddamn pain in the ass when it comes for the selfie ID. No problem with the emulation detection. No problem...
  2. CMG

    emulator suggestions?

    I have been using Memu so far. I'm running only one instagram account on it with a proxy, but I've run into a lot of issues with it and I would like to switch to something else. I was thinking about BlueStacks, but I am not sure how to change the imei or if it is possible. (I've had bluestacks...
  3. lockheadsr71b

    A good Android emulator

    I need a powerful android emulator for some experiments regarding location specific traffic however the likes of Bluestacks and MEMU look more gamer oriented is there something a bit more clean with options for MAC Address generation ? Thanks in advance.
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