1. bytebandit

    [FREE] Gathering All Members from Telegram Groups / Channels!

    Hello, awesome BHW community! Today, I am excited to present a unique offering to this fantastic community that has been a consistent source of knowledge and inspiration over the years. In my ongoing efforts to give back, I am providing a FREE service to gather all members from your Telegram...
  2. bytebandit

    [FREE] 500-1000 Telegram Members (NON-DROP) for Your Public Channels/Groups!

    Hello, wonderful BHW community! I hope this post finds everyone in good spirits. Today, I come bearing gifts for this amazing community that has showered me with immense value over the years. In a bid to give back and express my gratitude, I am offering FREE Telegram members to any public...
  3. pajaqalla

    Where can I buy social media services

    I want to buy telegram members and twitter followers but without credit card I want to use crypto to pay Do you have any suggestion??
  4. T2xor

    Telegram Online Members Bot + Voice Chat users joining

    Hey, as title says. Do we have any provider at BHW who can provide TG online members?
  5. Caviston

    Looking to buy Discord Members

    I need help buying 30 - 50 discord members. They must have their phone verified and verify their entrance to the server. Dm me if you can do this.
  6. G

    Telegram members

    I need telegram members non drop / zero drop - at the lowest price, with good speed and a large order interval - at least 100 maximum 50k+. Write offers immediately with a full description of the service and price
  7. Sneha88

    How to grow Facebook Group

    I made a facebook group FOR MY BUSINESS . Need to grow followers,likes,views etc. Pease suggest me how can i grow this...
  8. eaglehunter

    @NFT scammed me for 1,000$ and wouldn't reply to me anymore.

    Hey there, I never expected to be typing a shitlist thread for anyone nor would I have expected myself to get to a rock bottom situation with a VIP member on BHW. @NFT suggested he can grow my discord server with 2,000 real and interested degen NFT members. I was uninterested at first...
  9. HawlettDocs

    BHW - Members Formation !

    How the Member Formation work , I am recently and junior Member Upon this platform , So wanna just ask that I wanna Update it to Regular and Power Member Here . So Please Guide me about the requirement over This Members Updates !
  10. eaglehunter

    Telegram Auto-add users to group script

    I am looking for a simple script to add telegram users from other groups I am a member of to one of my groups. Auto add Telegram user into the group and channel by username. Support multiple accounts
  11. easymethod

    Buy Telegram members & views | Very High Quality bots at low prices!

    TELEGRAMSTOCK.COM Adding Members to your channel or group is a useful tool for running an advertising campaign. In the shortest possible time you can increase the performance of your channel. Automatic Views are bought for a specific period, at least 1 day. Usually, our customers purchase...
  12. Chiku Arsen


    It is really tough for us newbies to figure it out as if what platform we should be putting our efforts in to do the best we can. We waste most of our time figuring out where to actually make that effort to earn some dollars. BHW has been an awesome give and take for many, plenty of minds and...
  13. sandandkush

    Facebook Groups: Marking Posts As Announcements Gets More Members

    I don't know how many of you are using this feature but it seems to be working just fine on my end. Every now and then I use the "Mark as Announcement" button on post of groups and the result seems great. After usage, each groups gets a bunch of member requests. I have an entertainment website...
  14. J

    Hi friends, lease send me the script for add all friends to Facebook Group

    please send me the script for add all friends to Facebook Group
  15. its AJ

    Looking for recommendations for fb members

    Hi guys sorry if this is in the wrong section I couldnt post in marketplace.. Basically, Ive been trying for weeks to get members on a fb group. Iv'e tried 3 services, one never responded and had to claim a refund 1 off the marketplace here had the fb group members server down and said it...
  16. realhuntguyz

    Can't Believe This....

    Wow, I'm so glad to be part of this community as, planned to learn and also share ideas with BHW.
  17. M

    Facebook: Searching groups /w highest # of members

    Anyone know how to achieve this? the order seems random.
  18. chrsplmr

    Are their any reliable USA IG followers anywhere?

    Hi everyone, Any one have this issue??? I have a small agency with 89 clients . Now , I'm sure some of you have dealt with a common problem . You have a client & their page is just under performing absolutely horribly & you want to give them a little boost BUT , do not want them to realize...
  19. blackhatgorilla

    [POLL] Do you guys trust each other?

    So because the main BHW User is some kind of "anonymous", my question is if you trust other BHW members without knowing him/her? No matter if you buy something or agree to a partnership, I'm sure there are a lot users which have trust issues. BTW: I had good experiences so far, but in some...
  20. docmed

    Facebook groups

    Hey Any one with expérience to attract members to join m'y group on Facebook ??
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