1. weirdo23

    Best VPS with Windows Server for upload?

    Hey there, does anyone know a good VPS provider from which I can upload files to mega? I'm really looking for some good vps with good upload speed.What would you recommend?
  2. D

    I need a premium account

    I need a premium account anyone can help me?
  3. Makemeproguys

    How to import a big file into free account?

    Hey guys I have a mega link with over 5 TB of files but I don't have enough storage in so is there any way to import the entire folder into my free account? Is there any loophole or hack? Because last time I imported a 600GB folder into my free mega account which only had 50GB.. all it...
  4. rockman

    Looking for good premium link generator service?

    Hi guys, I am looking for a well-trusted premium link generator website. I am considering a website which - Supports most of file hosts (, zippyshare etc) - Ad-free, malware free - Sufficient bandwidth for download - Supports download managers like IDM or jDownloader Have you used any...
  5. panchal_ankii

    Bye Bye to limits.. Working Method

    So I came across a thread lately on BHW about limits by @Billy Batts Thread Link And the above method worked that time but for me, this wasn't working that time as well coz I was using Mac and megadownloader wasn't working with mac. And now when I tried to use megadownloader on...
  6. HelloBTCMINER

    Is MEGA.NZ BANNED in India?

    Hello Indian members, are you able to open site? without changing the DNS. I'm not able to open this site with Cloudflare DNS too! Thanks (by the way i'm able to use with VPN)!
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