1. W

    Raptive now accepts sites with 50k sessions (Raptive Rise)

    50,000-99,999 monthly pageviews 50% of traffic comes from the U.S. WordPress site with long-form content Your content is 100% original Google Analytics is correctly set up on your site And because of...
  2. JimmyJones7

    Send Simulated Traffic to blog - with specified location

    Hi I'm looking for ways to send traffic to my blog that will allow me to generate ad revenue from platforms like Adsense and MediaVine. I need something free that will allow me to send thousands of fake users through various pages of my website from a specific proxy location. Does anyone know...
  3. itz_styx

    Get a list of all sites using Mediavine

    i saw someone posted a pattern to search for mediavine sites, but why scrape when mediavine publishes all their sites themselfes? you just need to access this file: then you can get all domains and parse them via any tool you like i.e. ahrefs / semrush etc...
  4. Lixs ⚡️ Find Goldmine Nichesites That Are Ranking and Banking

    FAQ Q. What is Nichelab? A. Nichelab is a cloud-based tool featuring a database of over 30,000 websites. These sites generate revenue through display ads via providers like Ezoic, Adthrive, and Mediavine, while some sites are earning through the Amazon Associates program. Q. How can I benefit...
  5. Donsanti92

    [METHOD] Outrank competitors with this Extension

    This method is BONKERS: He typed a keyword, and the extension wrote a prompt to help ChatGPT format the results into a table. (you can write the prompt manually if you want) Then he searched for competitor' URL and fed it to ChatGPT in order to outrank him Here's the video: For me, I will...
  6. T

    Has anyone compared ad network alternative to Adsense

    Ive read many threads on this forum which mention ezoic or mediavine/adthrive/themoneytizer as good alternatives to adsense... But which one is the best for revenue if you meet all their requirements? Has anyone tried several and reported revenue difference and cpm/cpc etc... I dont want...
  7. 7

    How much revenue from display ads is possible? [1 million page views]

    Hello, I run a German language website that generates around 1 million page views per month. The niche is gaming and movies. I use Adsense where I have a page RPM of about $4. In June 2022, I earned $3400 from Adsense. Is that too low in your opinion? Recently I discovered two English...
  8. angus007

    What are your other options if Ezoic and Adthrive refuse your application?

    Just get the following email from Adthrive. They refuse my application for my website without any detailed reason. And the Ezoic also refuse my application because they think the Session Duration of our visitor is very low. However, I don't really want to use Ezoic after reading some posts...
  9. leit

    Journey to 100k page views and Build my house

    Hi mates, I'm opening this thread to keep me focused on this page and keep track of what I'm doing. I'm a man of few words, so sorry for the short post :) Objectives: Get the website to 100k page views or failing that get into Adthrive by the end of the year. Build my house with some of...
  10. D

    Ezoic, Mediavine, Monumetric, Adthrive - IS NOT AN AD NETWORK!

    Today while doing some research for work I stumbled upon this article: The article supposes to be about 5 'best' display ad networks, but it only mentions one ad network - AdSense. I see a lot of confusion among publishers (and even...
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