media buying

  1. primeimpact


    Hi! I’m Sin :) Been in the online marketing & advertising industry for over 10 years - extensive experience in affiliate marketing sector. Lately, I’m mostly focused on social media /influence marketing and ecom.
  2. buildandbuild

    Looking for somebody to help me find a crypto/investing website to rebrand and build on

    Hey BHW, Currently with a half-decent budget, looking for someone to help me find a crypto/investing website to then build on. This is an exciting opportunity to join a team right at the start. I also have other roles opening such as media buying, SEO in general and much more. Contact me on...
  3. Paabl0

    $30/day Through Media Buying?

    I'm considering earning $30 USD daily through media buying while promoting CPA and Affiliate Offers. My starting budget is $500 USD. Is this sufficient to begin? Should I opt for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Media Buying Sites to start my journey? What do you recommend for someone just starting...
  4. E

    Selling PLR eBooks with Facebook and Pinterest Ads. Any advice?

    Hi BHW, I have been trying to sell PLR eBooks on Shopify using Facebook and Pinterest ads for about a week now. So far no sales and I have spent about $100. Any suggestions for different ad platforms or eBook niches? The price i've been trying to sell at is $6.
  5. Spendge

    Spendge – reliable cards for media buying (Facebook, Google, Tik Tok etc.) Get your review copy!

    Hello there! Get ready to experience the awesomeness of Spendge, the incredible financial tool designed specifically for media buying. It's time to take your financial game to the next level with Spendge! Don't miss out—comment on this thread and DM us to grab your review copy today. Visit...
  6. KusionMatch

    Pornhub Ads

    Hello guys. I want to promote my smartlink on pornhub through some banners, but I still have some doubts: - Where to find inspiration for promoted ads on PH? I have good ideas, but I feel uncomfortable to start my career in paid traffic using a creative created by myself, idk - I intend to...
  7. Harnur

    Is it possible to Automate Media Buying (launching campaigns automatically)?

    Is it possible to automatically launch tiktok campaigns...? Automatically create a tracking link(in my tracker) and paste it into TikTok campaign Automate everything...using api it possible to do this? ----- i know it may sound like a dumb question but someone i know told me...
  8. R

    About myself

    :p Hi everyone,my name is Ryan and I am a worker in China which looking for CPI and real Android Traffic. Our budget is large monthly and the volume will be limitless. If you have resources or interested, please contact me in any time~ Like the black style of this forum, and people around...
  9. korosho

    Need help with pre-landing page - Sales Funnel & Sell copy Tips

    Hello everyone, I am currently working on a cryptocurrency that has not yet been launched, and I am looking for some guidance and advice. I understand the importance of having a strong pre-landing page or sales funnel in order to generate leads, increase social media followers, and drive sales...
  10. Harnur

    [ My Journey] How i made $27,078/month on Native Ads

    My Journey timeline How I made... $100/day [10 November 2019] $7100/month [30 July 2020] $19,180/month [1st December 2020] $35,823/month [7th February 2021] $54,000/month [6th April 2021] $77,382/month [1st August 2021] Journey to $682,000 in 2021 [1st Jan - 31st Dec 2021] $100/day (on...
  11. oni3350

    [FOLLOW ALONG] Beginner Friendly Journey, Scaling From $50 To $1,000+ Profit Per Day

    So Ive been wanting to start another follow along for BHW, specifically making it beginner friendly, showing how to get a campaign profitable from the ground up. Quick back story: Ive been an Adult Media Buyer for the last 10 years now, paying for banner advertisements on the big adult tube...

    Everything you need for media buying: Part 1

    Hi there! We’ve been sharing manuals and guides on everything concerning traffic, traffic sources, funnels, creatives and stuff like that. Which is great and, we believe, quite helpful. But those who only are starting out in media buying must have dozens of questions like “where do I start?”...
  13. P

    Help me finding this native ads buying platform

    Can anybody tell which native ads platform is this? This is actually a media buying brand, where you can go and buy cheap USA traffic

    Mobile subscriptions & Facebook: media buying interview

    As we are monitoring how publishers work with mobile subscriptions, we can’t help but be curious as to how every different source works for them, any special tricks they have to use to get that profit everyone is dreaming of. Internal buying team at Adskill has shown great results working with...
  15. prvncqr

    Did anyone have good ROI with PropellerAds recently?

    I notice that PropellerAds sends a lot of bot traffic. Has anyone tried using the network as an advertiser and been successful?
  16. prvncqr

    Is media buying for CPA still profitable?

    Can we make big money if we invest a huge amount in media buying for running CPA offers?

    why mVas is a universal solution for media buyers

    One of our top verticals is the mVas vertical (if you don’t remember what it is or missed our article, check it out here). We have seen many different scenarios playing out before us as affiliates start working with these offers: both successful cases and cases where it would be great to have...

    Creatives - how do you make them?

    Hey guys! Quick question: how do you choose creatives for offers? Do you use any special services for this? Or do you hire specialists to create them for you?
  19. oni3350

    [CASE STUDY] How I Made $8,686.15 Profit In 22 Days From Adult Media Buying

    Before we begin, I just want to say something for the people that may not know, as I know there are some out there. Media Buying – Basically means buying traffic on websites and making a profit on the revenue. So it's pretty much paying for advertising. People know this already, just some have...
  20. bbrokeaf

    Is This Adsense Placement Ok?

    I've been testing ad placements with my slideshow website and I've managed to get a CTR of 5%-8% on my ads, the problem is, I'm not sure if my AdSense ad placement is good or potentially breaking the policy. Here are my ad placement as follows, I mainly optimize for mobile traffic and I have 5...
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