may update

  1. SEO Duke

    Positive Changes in Ranking?

    Recently one of my sites ranking positions are getting back,which was hitted badly in may update. Does anyone else also see this kind of changes?
  2. Dark Hat 007

    Transfer article to escape Google May Core Update Strike?

    The title says it all, I lost about 95% of my traffic two months (18th July) after the core update, should I transfer all my articles (214articles) to a new domain to escape it? If I do this, should I redirect my affected domain there?
  3. Deepesh Sharma

    Google Not Ranking Me on SERP since the Great May Update of 2020

    Greetings everyone, hope you all are doing well. I just wanted to ask a few things about Google rankings and the May update. My site (How-Tos related to Tech blog) lost 75% of its keywords in the Google May update. I've tried my best to revive the site after that but Google just doesn't want...
  4. vineet18

    When a site is hit by a Google update, how do you find the reason for the hit?

    What all analysis do you conduct?
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