maxbounty offers

  1. Castle770

    Maxbounty problem

    Hii, I think my title give a wrong impression but never mind. I'm a new member on maxbounty was approved without website and messed up on call maybe he liked me that's why I was approved hehe. But really I found some very good offers over there and it's shamefull if I couldn't make any money...
  2. Z

    Maxbounty Offer Link Customization

    Hi guys, Just wondering, is it possible to edit your affiliate link without hurting the tracking within the network? So basically, there's a offer on maxbounty and the affiliate link that is generated to me lands on a page where there's a very long video (Dur: 30mins), when someone reached at...
  3. new_don

    CPA Offer Testing

    Hi Guys, I am little bit confused see right now I am promoting maxbounty offers using an Iframe and I want to know is there any way to check if the offer is working or not in that particular country. Because i am doing paid advertising and it's good to fix all the issues regarding offer and...