maxbountry offer

  1. Z

    Maxbounty Offer Link Customization

    Hi guys, Just wondering, is it possible to edit your affiliate link without hurting the tracking within the network? So basically, there's a offer on maxbounty and the affiliate link that is generated to me lands on a page where there's a very long video (Dur: 30mins), when someone reached at...
  2. O

    Hello Blackhats!!

    Started my career as a Web designer and now have shifted my ways into internet marketing. Have had 2 years expereince in running ads on google fb and intagram. New to Affiliate marketing, currently running MAXBOUNTY offers. My goal would be to earn atleast $2000 per month and I'm working hard on...
  3. survivorghost

    Affiliate networks options - Better than MaxBounty

    Hello I have been working with Maxbounty for some times now, They are good and have some offers. But I am not entirely satisfied. Lately I got a good traffic source, but it mainly focus on gaming, mobile gaming and apps precisely. however, Maxbounty does not provide much offers when it comes...
  4. survivorghost

    CPA + Pinterest Traffic ✔️✔️

    So I have this Pinterest account that drives about 2m traffic a month. I wasn't monetizing that traffic and then I decided to use CPA offers to make some money out of it. I got accepted in maxbounty and now I am trying to pin something and put the offers link with it, it says that link has...
  5. survivorghost

    CPA + Google ads: questions ❓

    So I got accepted in Maxbounty and I can see good offers that I can promote. When I decided to join, the main idea was to promote CPA offers using Google ads, but now after a bit of search around, I found people saying that Google doesn't accept CPA offers promoting, and they will shutdown the...
  6. U

    Maxbounty Approval Reject [Plz help me]

    Hello, recently maxbounty reject my application without phone call interview. can I apply again from my PC with different details? Plz, answer anyone. And can I use the approved account on other PC? is there any problem?
  7. B

    Could i have someones Maxbounty referral link

    i really want to get accepted with maxbounty and have a look at their offers and thought id help someone else out here on BHW at the same time. If i'm going to be earning money for someone else it might as well be to one of you and not some stranger from google. all you'd need to do is refer me...
  8. D

    Maxbounty help

    Hello , I have promblem whenever someone clicks on my maxbounty offers it redirect them to google.
  9. Arefin Rafi

    Maxbounty With Bingads

    What is the profitable camping in max bounty with Bingads? Can anyone share please? and wining keywords also. Thankyou
  10. bosky22


    Hello, please what are the easiest cpa offer to promote and make money on maxbounty. according to experience.
  11. ahmedEL

    My first journy to make 100$/day - sport live streaming website

    Hi BHW community Im new here , and after couple weeks of learning from you guys I decided to make it happen :D My plan : I didn't use any CMS I developped my website from scratch . Ill purchase a perso hosting and 2 domaines .info and .me from OVH earning methods : Adsense + CPA (peerfly and...
  12. KHR

    Analysis of MaxBountry Offers

    Hi, I am new in BHW & this is my 1st post. If any mistake i apologize for that. I am here for learning Affiliate Marketing Especially CPA & I hope BHW affiliate masters will teach & help me. CPA with MaxBounty now is my dream. But I cant understand some instruction of the offer of MaxBounty...