1. youtuber masudbcl

    Anybody can say me why I am not getting shorts views?

    I have a youtube channel for the last 4 years. username: masudbcl I have another new youtube channel for my pigeons. username: masudbcl pigeon loft. The matter is I am not getting shorts views after using #shorts and making the videos accurately for masudbcl channel. But I am getting automatics...
  2. masudbcl

    I know BHW from the first day of their launch.

    Hello all. Have a wonderful day. Hope you are all well. I know Black Hat World from the first day of their run. Today I did joined with my popular username. Hope it will be great learn. I want to become successful with blogging and vlogging. Hope you will wish me luck. I want to continue Blog...
  3. Md Masudul Hasan

    Anybody use social blade for Youtube statistical analyses?

    Hello Youtubers. Hope you are all well. Do you know social media analytics website? Can You say where can I get a good youtube analytics websites? I Need to get more and more information also which peoples are checking about my youtube channel masudbcl Kindly check the social blade statistics...
  4. Md Masudul Hasan

    SMM Panel views add for revenue earn?

    I heard that If I buy views after monetization : (Basically youtube shows the channel or videos on suggested section) - than I heard or read long time ago that: the views will not generate any revenue. You tube ads will not show to the panel views- is it right? Details: If you place an order...
  5. Md Masudul Hasan

    Is my channel statistics are quite ok as a new started or beginner?

    Hi All Have a wonderful day. Hope you are all well. Kindly check the image and check the statistics. I am a new youtube monetizer, video blogger. I like to do white hat SEO related tips and tricks videos. I do not have any rich camera. I do work with screenshot and screen recording system. I...
  6. Md Masudul Hasan

    Which blogger template is very much good for adsense?

    Hello Bloggers Have a wonderful day all. Hope you are all well. I am doing blogging for the last few months. I am trying to make some adsense withdrawn. My blog have adsense connectivity. But no body clicks on the adsense ads. So I am thinking that is may be template trouble. For template...
  7. Md Masudul Hasan

    Any body can suggest me a free video editing software for youtube?

    Hello Have a wonderful day. Hope you are well. I have joined youtube 4 years ago. For the last 1 year I was learning youtube SEO. And I got monetization approval this month 6 the January. But I do not have huge experience about youtube video editing. I know only screen recording and thumbnail...
  8. Md Masudul Hasan

    masudbcl. Bangladeshi Bangla Blogger.

    Hi there Have a wonderful day. Hope you are all well. I am a Bangladeshi Bangla Blogger and working with Bangla Blog and Google adsense for the last 2 years. But there have not any huge earning. Though I was not giving huge time with Bangla Blogging but its only 24$+ now. Bangla content reach...
  9. Md Masudul Hasan

    How can I increase the views of my channel videos?

    I have a good news. Recently I got youtube monetization. I am white hat SEO worker. When I search any thing online- than I see peoples make the video without voice and next +yes method. They give the screen recording service to show the works fully. From that point of view I was interested to...
  10. Md Masudul Hasan

    I got youtube monetization after 12 months try.

    Hello Youtubers. Have a wonderful day. Hope you are well. It was my plan to learn youtube SEO. I was trying for the last 12 months. At 13 months finally one of my video went to popular and I had earnt 150000 minutes plus and previously was 120000 minutes in stock. Finally it went to very much...
  11. Md Masudul Hasan

    Hello Every one.

    Hello Friends and Experts of BHW Have a wonderful day. Wish you all the best.
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