1. SirLouen

    The new gurus are called masterminds

    Lately, I've found Gurus have started to call themselves now "Masterminds", I've been reading this for a while, but I did not realize such until recently. It's like the new fashion that goes under the hood. Since "Guru" is now a corrupted term synonym of "snake-oil seller" that just everyone...
  2. snowman19

    Amazon EXPERT - Ask Me Anything - Retail Arbitrage, Private Label, Been There, Done That

    Black Hat Worrrrlllldddddd!!! What's up everybody! For those that remember me, I've taken a bit of a hiatus from the public eye over the past year or so. I've been off enjoying life and on a little bit of a journey to "find myself". But enough about that, I'm back and here to lend a hand! I've...
  3. MissF

    Facebook mastermind...?

    Hi guys, i'm looking to join a Facebook mastermind discussing stuff like accounts framing, cloaking, warming....etc!!
  4. B

    BlackHat money-making group

    I want to start a money making skype group, and I need 3 more people for start. Because more people=more brain power= more $$$ Anyone interested leave a reply here, but you must meet this basic requirements: Decent English- You can be from anywhere but you must know english at a conversational...
  5. llandrew

    ELITE eCommerce Mastermind Group

    Are you an eComm business owner killing it online making at least $15,000+/mo.? Do you wish you could chat other elite online eComm business owners who are also doing extremely well? Well, you're not alone! I'm looking to put together an elite eComm mastermind group together of other website...
  6. KnackForMoney

    Making money - CPA Mastermind Group

    @KnackForMoney has been banned for scamming; if you choose to deal with him it is on you. Personally if you deal with him I think you're nuts. Hey guys, I am a leader of an internet marketing mastermind group on skype where we connect and help each others out etc. However, a few spammers went...
  7. TougherNu


    Hello Blackhatters, I have been trying to get a Mastermind Group together for new people learning all aspects of SEO.. Blackhat/Whitehat/Agency/Affiliate etc.. I am having trouble on getting the word out.. Blackhatworld took down my last post promoting the group.. This post is only asking for...
  8. D

    Invitation to join small private white-hat mastermind group

    This is an invitation to join private white-hat mastermind group in order to create a group of people to give advice, share experience, think bigger and support each other. Minimum Requirements: 1) have to be a bhw member for at least 1 year 2) your total monthly income $1000 - $10'000 (either...
  9. S

    Mastermind Group for Local SEO

    Gentelmen, I am sure that you've heard about mastermind groups. A place to grow, share experiences and build connections. Ever felt stuck with a client and needed help? That's what a mastermind group is for. I recently started my local SEO business and got my first client so far, I want to...
  10. D

    Want to be part of awsome structured mastermind group?

    I'm putting together a new mastermind group of like-minded business owners to help each other grow our businesses. You must currently have some type of business that is in progress or currently running. This will be a Skype/Google Hangout Mastermind Group. I am limiting the group to 5-6 people...
  11. G

    Looking for Any Internet Marketers In Costa Rica

    I'm moving to the country and would like to network with like minded individuals. I don't care how much about what you know or don't know I just want to explore opportunities and forge friendships and relationships ASAP. Please if you live in this country contact me as soon as possible. To...
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