mass emailer email

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    Just Call me Mr Skyrim level 76 lol

    So here's the thing... I have a site, just launched an App, and downloaded about 8-10M emails from a friend to get my business started properly (yes they are active at least 2M I saw for myself). I don't want to place the emails in my autoresponder as I know consequences may be severe but I do...
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    Mass email sending kicks butt did not know it was so good!

    Hi guys, Just posted a thread (waiting for approval) in the JV section, I am a coder and i have made a email scraper that is super quick and can grab mails from any site, i also made my own mass mailer..... anyway i can send around 1m inbox emails a day and of course all emails are targeted...
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    Mass emailer php?

    I want to mass email scraped lists, if i use my server and do it via php methods will i still get in the same trouble as if i used smtp relays? Or have i just come up with a HONEY POT of an idea?
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