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Dec 22, 2009
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I want to mass email scraped lists, if i use my server and do it via php methods will i still get in the same trouble as if i used smtp relays?
Or have i just come up with a HONEY POT of an idea?
You will have your server blacklisted for sure. Anyway if you want to use PHP to send mass emails you should run the script from a terminal without time limits.
As showboy said, you will be blacklisted. Probably within a week, depending on your volume.

Depending on the type of server you conduct your emails from, you will probably want to remove a certain header added by Exim to track abuse and spam.

  1. Type nano /etc/exim.conf
  2. Click Ctrl+W and type add_header
  3. Locate the lines where X-AntiAbuse headers are added
  4. Add a # in front of the add_header lines.

Many default cPanel/Exim configurations add that header. Removing it will delay your IP being blacklisted.
If you plan on running a mass email script, make sure it has proxy support and NEVER spam with a direct connection (no proxy).
Ok so whats the cheapest method to do it then? without getting in trouble and having to go through a ton of work? i already have a proxy switcher. and going through godaddy is not an option since my entire business is on godaddy no want to risk my account. also what apps are out there to send them or method i guess.
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