mass article submitter

  1. M

    Is 10 Dedicated proxies enough to do the Job?

    Hello Guys, I need proxies for posting, comenting and scraping, I can invest around $20/month, I 'm about to buy a service that offers 10 dedicated proxies per month from my country. So, What can be done with 10 proxies per month based in my needs? How many comenting with each proxy is...
  2. N

    Mass Article Directory Submitter / Uploader

    Hey y'all! I'm looking for a mass article submitter tool to test this method for 2017. I know that this method is a few years old, which is why I want to test it now and use the results as a case study for a blog post. I've searched the forum and all the threads on this are from pre-2013...
  3. agentk007

    The Best Mass Article Distribution Programs/Softwares/Sites/Tools

    I have a few hundred articles that I need to get out to generate some backlinks. What mass article submitter program/site/service would you recommend for this? I used to use articlemarketer but I am now told that it does not work like it used to and that it is not worth the money...
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