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Feb 23, 2012
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Hey y'all!

I'm looking for a mass article submitter tool to test this method for 2017.

I know that this method is a few years old, which is why I want to test it now and use the results as a case study for a blog post.

I've searched the forum and all the threads on this are from pre-2013. Anyone have a working copy of any tool like this they can share?

Submit to where? I think GSA SER does this pretty well if you find good lists for it
Submit to the article directories (whichever still exist)... yeah that might be the best tool I've found so far. Also has that feature. Thanks!
GSA may work - it can submit to different types of article directories, or sites that can provide contextual links back to your site. On the other hand, Article Marketing Robot was the king 5 or 8 years back, and the tool was really kicking back then. Sadly, it's no longer maintained, and it may work, but just not as effective as the article scripts out there have evolved.
GSA SER is what you're looking for. Either scrape your own or buy a subscription to a verified list.
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