1. theodor_adornor

    Combination of SEO Tools/Services 2015

    Dear Friends, I am focused on a project which is in holiday, vacation concept and i am going to buy a tools that i need. Could you please share with me of your ideas? Do i need to buy all of it? :) I need to cut a little bit from my whole budget. 1- GSA Search Engine Ranker 2- GSA Captcha...
  2. lefgozerdesign

    [REQ] a online site checked what market doing

    hello i'm lokking for a site thats online or a script to put on server that is someting like MarketSamurai but then it hase to be online. Is it there or not i can't find it anywhere!:eek:
  3. I

    what's the difference if i want to rank a keyword on instead than

    this is probably a noob question anyway i have just checked a keyword's competition on and on (using marketsamurai) it is an italian keyword but it has a good competition even on there is more competition on then probably because it is an...
  4. I

    marketsamurai for etc etc etc?

    my question is simple: i am using marketsamutai to find good keywords. i want to rank good for some italian keywords so my main puropose would be to target but marketsamurai is only getting dates from how can i to check competition on what is the difference when...
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