marketing advertising

  1. B

    TruthSocial Bot

    Looking for someone who can create me program for auto comments likes on truth social to be connected with multiples accounts to be ready to like, target comments if someone is interested please dm me! thanks
  2. A

    Promote Online Casino

    Hello Guys, I have a brand deal with a online casino, they want to pay me money to promote their website. Since I want to make them happy and to work with the long-term, I have a question: How to promote them? Do you have any ideas? Best Regards
  3. goatgruff

    How to i advertise an Email newsletter landing page i have for my blog?

  4. G

    Gain direct bookings from my Facebook and Instagram Ads

    How can I improve my conversion from Facebook and Instagram Ads for my Airbnb Business? I want to gain bookings for my direct booking website aside from Airbnb and VRBO.
  5. SigmaHustle

    Scraping Emails for Influencer Marketing Campaign / SaaS business

    Hey guys I am launching a SaaS business and I am looking to promote it with the help of some youtubers offering them a % of the sales. I have set up the entire system in place and the only thing that I have to do now is find those influencers to partner with. Due to the fact I am on a tight...
  6. Ebissus

    Facebook ads, or coldDM, to contact more people.

    That is the question, someone has experience in facebookADS, my target are women between 30-55 years, I have several groups and profiles on facebook, but I think it would be somewhat forced to try DM, I am selling crochet patterns, I did relatively well about 300usd, last month, I saw that many...
  7. M

    Need advice on google ads landing page

    So I need some advice regarding my landing page - Does it matter to a buyer that the site is using a subdomain? Will that hurt my sales? Would you buy or contact me after reaching this landing page as a customer from google search ads? What is an...
  8. F

    Newbie here

    Hi Everyone, nice to be here. Looking forward to build new partnerships here. I do AI marketing for companies that doesn't have traditional means to market themselves. Also we take on development projects that requiring unique solutions. :D

    How to market adult content to Asian markets?

    I run an original adult content studio in the USA. My current niche is shooting b.g scene with American women in Japanese Schoolgirl Uniforms. I post my content on PornHub with full content available on my subscription based website. With my content being "white girl in Asian schoolgirl...
  10. S

    I am looking for Email Marketing Expert

    I am looking for Email Marketing Expert,please message me i have a job for you.
  11. bartsmit

    Asking for your guys tips on aged domain

    Hi guys, I have an older domain 3 years old but I do not know what I should do with it, like starting a blog or starting a digital marketing service, or any other ideas from you guys? The domain name is the surname from some famous actor lol, I did not know when registering. Also it ends on...
  12. Porter.parter

    Looking for advertising specialists at OnlyFans [My models = your traffic]

    We are a modeling agency at OnlyFans, at the moment we have about 18 models that we promote. We have our own traffic and chatting. At the moment we are looking for specialists to scale the results, looking for those who already have experience in the field of OnlyFans. If you are interested in...
  13. Ambitious12

    Why Incrementality Matters in Performance Marketing: Understanding True ROI for Better Investment Decisions

    Did you know that not all conversions are equal in performance marketing? That's where the concept of incrementality comes in. Essentially, it means measuring the impact of a marketing campaign above and beyond the conversions that would have happened anyway. This allows marketers to get a more...
  14. H

    Hiring for a Marketing Assistant

    We are an up-and-coming social media talent agency looking for individuals with the following qualities: - The ability to think creatively outside the box. - Enthusiasm for research and learning new techniques. - A growth-oriented mindset. Our talent is active mainly on Tiktok and Instagram...
  15. D

    targeted traffic and cpa thru to purchase

    Need to (1)drive targeted traffic (2)cpa (purchase). Health and beauty product, ecommerce site. We will provide ref link to track success rate thru to purchase. We have a video and blog copy if helpful. No facebook marketing (we do not want to canabalize our current ad spend there) Prefer...
  16. S

    (JV) Looking for a hard-working online social highend apparel, sneakers resellers i have huge suppliers.

    I'm looking for someone who can bring traffic, good cliental I have huge suppliers many different reputable people . The items I can get can be sold as authentic I have done this before. Also please get to me Men and Women huge different items and hype beasts collectors items like Action figures...
  17. Dream Eater

    Social Account Marketing

    Hi I am a Social Account service Provider Like: Gmail Google USA Real phone Number Instagram Account LinkDin Account Facebook Account Twitter Account YouTube Chanel Double Phone Verified Account (PVA) Etc. I have web site also for this account Now want to more marketing. I don't know how...
  18. Windnfire

    Who knows how to Find Brands for 3D studio on IG?

    Hi BHW, I am looking for useful tools to reach out to fashion bloggers or clothes brands in our niche on Instagram, so I am asking for your recommendations. Some tools I searched for IG: 1)We must identify influencers and brands in the clothes niche, Shopify, etc, and start making...
  19. ShroomLords


    Hello everyone, I just wanted to start this thread in hopes that some good information can be shared. Over the years i have accumulated 200 plus instrumental all produced by me. I’m not trying to be famous or anything I just would like to see a nice piece of change from my craft. I understand...
  20. B

    started 3 weeks ago i made 100$ so far

    hey guys i just started IPTV Reselling 3 weeks ago made about 100$ so far, but most of the traffic i get into my site is just people ordering free trial i launched a facebook ads 3 days ago, got tons of traffic but all of them are just Free Trial junkies as well no one actually purchases, any...
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