market america

  1. Marketoverflow

    Hii Marketers !! I am Confused. kindly Help me !!!

    Here is a poll
  2. MariaK

    How Ukrainian Digital-Company can collaborate with Amerika? From where can I start?

    Hi, guys. I'm a project manager of a small Ukrainian Media/SEO company. Of course, this coronavirus thing made almost every business got to collapse. So we decided to go to World Companies. Our company collaborated with a lot of big Ukrainian Companies, and we have an extremely large amount of...
  3. F

    Hello! Exciteded to learn!

    Hello Everyone, My name is Angela and I can’t wait to network and learn. I am hoping to have a store up and running in 2019. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Angela
  4. B

    Online market place

    Hey BH, I want to start an online market place where people can place free ads for free and get buyers(buying and sellind place based on locations) and it should also be a job search platfrom. Please any help on how to do this? Thank you in advance..
  5. flashsites

    $10k to invest in a dating app

    Hi, My partner and I are investing $10k into marketing our dating app. Ideally I would love to see 100k downloads or more from this amount but I'm more realistic. Do any of you BHers have any tips/steps on what to do with $10k to get 100,200 or even 1 MILLION downloads? Thanks in Advance!
  6. R

    How do I market my paid listing/directory website

    Hi everyone! I'm starting my own paid listing/directory site and I want to know how to market it because here's the biggest problem that I think it will have... Since, I'm just starting out... there wont be any traffic at the beginning and then no one will join the site and pay for their...
  7. murda_bh

    I need your help.. Please look here!

    ok well i have a small buisness. i move people local or anywhere in the usa. But what i need help with is finding clients i know there is a market for this. please tell me any ideas to bring in the customers thank you bhw.;)
  8. coachw1

    Anyone on BHW Do Market America?

    Hey fellow BHW members, Just curious to see if anyone out there does Market America? Or even knows what that is. I recently got involved and it seems to have a lot of potential.
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