1. T

    Need a direct source for a Chinese manufacturer/supplier

    Hi, I am currently building a company in the sporting & recreation niche. I am already in contact with a sourcing specialist to find a manufacturer/supplier and I am also talking with Made-in-China. I need a contact/connections to talk to a direct manufacturer to produce my product, supply...
  2. kasumi009

    [ASK] Affordable manufacturing service

    Any budget friendly manufacturer that would turn a design into a materialized product in a tiemly manner? Thanks.
  3. KJREDDY247@

    Imitation Jewellery Sellers - Anyone Dealing in Bulk Quantities

    At first, I never know there is a section available something like these until now :smirk: One Of Our Partner Recently started Own manufacturing unit for Imitation Jewellery In India. Anyone else in Here dealing with such things. I would like to see if there are some people dealing with these...
  4. Coepi

    How to find USA Manufacturers

    Hey Guys I had an original idea for a product that I'm pretty sure it's going to be a success. I've been looking trough aliexpress and there's nothing like it. The problem now is, how/where to produce it? I thought about finding manufacturers in Alibaba, but I'm worried about the long...
  5. B

    Need help finding clothing manufacturers in Washington State or Oregon area.

    I'm trying to find someone who can manufacture or print t-shirts or any other piece of clothing in Washington State or Oregon area. Please let me know if you know someone. Any help would really,really be appreciated.
  6. K

    wholesale private label weight loss manufacturer in the UK

    My name is Rami and I run a weight loss supplement manufacturing plant in the UK. We are quite new,(we started trading on the 1st of August last year) but already we supply quite a few Amazon/online sellers with their own label weight loss supplements. These diet supplements include: Raspberry...
  7. J

    Buy direct from manufacturer. Once in a life time opportunity. Ebay/Amazon/online/ sellers

    I have posted a thread on ebay sections. Please check it out. I will have dropship opportunity soon. Buy direct from manufacturer. I Am selling Clothes/Garment. Premium quality. Better than brand names. Can be custom made. These are not replicas, fakes. 100% legit. Located in NY. PM me...
  8. P

    This is a good Nutraceutical Wholesale story

    I just had an old client call me that I dealt with when I worked at the old Private Label company last year. He didn't realize I had started my own company with a partner that has a Pharmacy background. He said that I had sent him a special offer last year on Garcinia Cambogia for $3.05 if he...
  9. B

    I'm Looking for A Male Underwear Manufacturer/Dropshipping

    Hi, i'm looking for a great men underwear manufacturer or private label company or wholesaler. Any recommendation? Places? thanks.
  10. H

    Looking for dropshippers that can provide custom apparel cheap

    I am looking for reliable dropshippers that can provide custom clothing meeting my requirements. Drop me a line if you are a Dropshipper, and I will let you know the details of what I am looking for. Also, I dont want a middle man telling me that he/she can find me a sweet deal. Been there done that
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