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    I just had an old client call me that I dealt with when I worked at the old Private Label company last year. He didn't realize I had started my own company with a partner that has a Pharmacy background. He said that I had sent him a special offer last year on Garcinia Cambogia for $3.05 if he takes 1000 bottles. He asked if I could still do that and I had to tell him no. He sounded disappointed. I explained to him the difference between the company I have now and the company where I worked last year and the difference in the quality of the products. I told him that the best I could do is $3.20 and that I could give him all Veggie Capsules. All of the sudden he got real excited. He then said he needed to private label and he thought there would be extra costs there as well. I told him that we have a real solid graphics guy in-house and to send me his .AI file and I would get the labels done and wrapped on the bottles at no cost. He also needed white bottles and I said absolutely. He wanted to know if I could ship him half and drop-ship the other half and I said "of course" This guy just called me back and ordered 1000 bottles. It's going to be a good 2014!