1. H

    Macros (Scripting). Self Botting. ( Probably the most lucrative post you'll see in a while)

    As a kid I loved Dragonball z. One day I found a 2d gaming site, full of anime games. One game I played people had the power level of 1000000 (You had to sit there and Press "P" to press the punching bag. Where my powerlevel was only 300. No matter what I did. One day I found out that these...
  2. keithdu45

    Dribbble automation

    Hi, I haven't found any topic proposing this service so I'm posting a request here I would like to automate liking, commenting and following on a Dribbble account Something that would work like this: Using one specific account Like some posts every random minutes during the day + Follow the...
  3. D

    Looking for something to post to multiple groups on FB

    Hi, As the title suggests, I'm looking for software (preferrably free) where I can post the same post to multiple facebook groups. If there isn't something, would macros work? if so does anyone have any suggestions of something solid and free? Lastly, does anyone know how much time between...
  4. D

    Need some one on one tuition. Will Pay

    I'm trying to learn how to take a CSV file and use Macros to insert text from each individual cell as unique messages. I understand that Microsoft mail merge does exactly this but the software I am using does not support Microsoft Mail Merge and I want to learn what macros functions I need to...
  5. waldes

    Edit existing or create new .iim macro script

    Edit existing or create new .iim macro script, that press social share pinterest button in wordpress post, pick a board (choosing by board name from list randomly) and pin it to that board. PM for more details. Please only skilled people, thank you.
  6. unclehat

    Macro to auto login

    I have all my usernames and passwords stored in worksheet and want to write macros that open the applications and populate the username and password fields and check if those login's are working for a particular website or not. Can anyone please help me out here...
  7. 2689

    Free Alto Marco Clicker

    What free alto macro clicker software is there to download, that enables you to save recordings of clicks and keyboard strokes and the exact timing of the clicks? Thanks for your time.
  8. H

    Need a Macro ? Bot

    Very basic, need a good programmer to code me a script. Need it to take screenshots from any instagram profile {web client, i.e} of choice and be smart enough to go to the next page and do they same, until it goes through all the pictures, the photos will be saved in a...
  9. P

    Best website for YouTube views?

    Im looking for good websites for youtube views but im not looking to buy. Addmefast views do not add to your views, i know this becuase i check the real time analytics Likenation works but it takes long to earn a decent amount of points even when using macros. Hitleap Viewer works well can get...
  10. S

    Using Ctrl+Shift+T in iMacros (Addmefast)

    Hi, How can I use CTRL + Shift + T commands in Imacros for addmefast? Example code Instagram: I found this code but does not work from "DS CMD ..." Can anyone help me please? Thanks
  11. S

    Using Ctrl+Shift+T in Macros (Addmefast)

    Hi, How can I use CTRL + Shift + T commands in Imacros for addmefast? Example code: I found this code but does not work from "DS CMD ..." Can anyone help me please? Thanks
  12. D

    Landing Page Site ID Macro Question

    Hi. I'm a noob to the forum and need your help. Trying to run a media campaign where the advertiser creates a single landing page with a subID macro that then communicates with multiple vendors so the vendors can deliver site ID information back to the advertiser. I'm trying to avoid a...
  13. I

    Updated AddMeFast Macros

    Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone had an updated version of the macros for addmefast. I downloaded one from here a while ago but a lot of the scripts no longer work so I am sure there must be an updated version floated around out there somewhere
  14. T

    New to BHW! Saying and hello and I need help

    Greetings everyone, I am really new to many of the concepts I am reading here. The ones I have been in the dark about are using macros and social media exchange sites to gain social media likes and followers etc. I thought I was bright. Apparently, I am not. If someone could explain the...
  15. A

    [GET] iMacros Script for SocialsSap - YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Google+

    I prepared a group of scripts for iMacros (Firefox Extension), It works on SocialsSap site. I'll update them frequently, I work daily with these scripts so, any update will be posted here :) If you wanna share any script with us, do it :) Just send it to me and I'll update this thread...
  16. D

    Wanted: Addmefast accounts

    I need about 250,000 AMF points or more. I'd prefer them not to be on more than 10-15 accounts if possible. Not interested in macros or bots as I'd rather not wait 30 days for the accumulation. Hopefully someone has accounts stockpiled. I've talked to a few people but capacity seems to be the...
  17. B

    Best Languages to Learn for Marketing Positions?

    Hey guys, I've read a lot on this forum about programming languages, and I've gotten really great information as well as really great opinions. I've sort of formed a few ideas about my goals, but I wanted to see if anyone had some advice they could offer me based on my current position and...
  18. D

    I have a twitch/twitter/instagram bot - where would i post it?

    Hi, I want to sell my bots, as mentioned in title -- Where would I post them? If someone could link me that would be great, thanks
  19. S

    Used imacros script on add me fast & now everytime it drops my points in negatives!!!!!

    Does anyone know how to help me? Everytime I pass 0 points it drops to -100!!! WTF
  20. T

    I made a vine bot, but....

    Nevermind, this may be deleted by any moderators please.
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