1. IM-Rafi

    How can I monetize my web scraping and desktop automation skill?

    I can scrape web and automate my desktop. For example - Scraping data from a website and submit into another website. Collecting emails, phone numbers etc. Can I monetize my skill ? Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. hatterftw1

    Need bulk post macro created for

    I'm looking for someone who can create a simple macro for website that could create large/bulk/mass amount of posts, where each post is using a new keyword pulled from a keyword list of mine. Hit me up if you think this is possible.
  3. Costelus

    Any macro software with "if" conditions ?

    Hey guys. I want to automate some vps, but for my plan i need a macro software more complex that can be programmed using "if" conditions or similar with this. I have searched a lot on google without results. Do you know some ? Thank you.
  4. M

    How about web scraping and vba??

    Hello everyone! Is it good idea to be VIP memeber here in BWH and then i will offer my premium services that includes web scraping, vba macro, bots...... I inspired this idea from web designers vip members here, they show thier services in long flyer. Thank u so much.
  5. cutelariabr

    Kantu Macro for Pinterest - Follow Macro

    Hey Guys, I think it is time to contribute here. I did this little macro to follow users on pinterest. It is following 60 users each iteration, I don't know why it is crashing when it gets to 20, or more, followers, it gets lost on Pinterest page. If you want to use more accounts to follow...
  6. gigglesworld

    Need a simple script developed

    We are in need of a small script that will allow us to pull down pricing from a marketplace website, do a comparison to raise or lower our pricing to compete with other sellers. We have an old script that once worked but no longer does, we don't want that application fixed we want a new one...
  7. badwhitewolf1

    Quiz game bot for Android.

    I'm replacing thread here cause I think it was in a wrong category. Hey. I need a bot which could read question and in half a second click the answer for one of quiz games, I prefer to run this bot as overlay on Android but it's also possible to run this game in web browser so scripts for...
  8. badwhitewolf1

    Quiz game bot for Android.

    Hey. I need a bot which could read question and in half a second click the answer for one of quiz games, I prefer to run this bot as overlay on Android but it's also possible to run this game in web browser so scripts for chrome/Mozilla etc. could work, too. Any volunteers who could help?:/ or...
  9. kurosaki4d

    Tool to click on specific elements of page

    Hello, I'm looking for a tool like a macro that allows to go inside the navigator and access a certain given URL to click on specific links multiple times inside the page (these links have the same CSS class names). So that means it needs to simulate that action multiple times, the tool should...
  10. blackhatgorilla

    GSA: How to exclude/filter links from CSV-Report

    Hi, does anybody know or has an idea how to exclude only the links (about 20k gsa backlinks) from a csv report in excel? The links inside the file look like this: 2017-12-18 01:31,"","Whois or Statistics","Indexer","X","X","44","5","79th 25k...
  11. savobaby

    [Hiring] Need A Bot Made For An Adult Website

    I'm in need of a simple bot to do a few things for within an adult website, please send me a message on here with your Skype name so that we can discuss the full project there, as I don't wish to provide specific details in this forum.
  12. DrN3MESiS

    [FREE] 117K Twitter Followers for you.

    Hi everyone! This community has helped me so much in a lot of ways, so today I decided to share something I found in another forum a while ago that made my SEO life more easy... With this I grew 3 accounts to 90k - 97k ~ followers. I hope that everyone gets to see this and take advantage of it...
  13. waldes

    Need imacro freelancer

    Need imacro freelancer to create simple script/s. Please only skilled people. Contact: MP
  14. 2689

    Free Alto Marco Clicker

    What free alto macro clicker software is there to download, that enables you to save recordings of clicks and keyboard strokes and the exact timing of the clicks? Thanks for your time.
  15. M

    How do i write a follow / unfollow macro?

    Can someone please explain how i would make a macro that can follow / unfollow? Cheers.
  16. S

    Looking for a way to macro Recaptcha?

    Hello! I need help figuring out a macro code to get around recaptcha. I have researched a few things but I just cannot figure out a way. Does any one have any advice at all? I tried using info from a website but it was confusing me. It won't let me post the link. The first part of the link had...
  17. melfornazari

    [METHOD] - Invite people who like post to like your Facebook page (iMacros)

    Hi guys! I made a macro to invite people who like post of your page to like your fanpage. It just work with fanpage lower than 100k. - Open the fanpage you want, select the post and click to see who likes - Run this macro on "LOOP - Max: 9999": VERSION BUILD=8961227 RECORDER=FX TAB T=1 TAG...
  18. M

    [GIVEAWAY] Flashpaste - Speed up your work!

    I found an interesting software that might be useful to some of you. I test it for a few minutes and it's pretty nice. It's completely FREE for the next 2 days, so grab it while it's still available. Best regards. FLASHPASTE Flashpaste provides a powerful and highly effective...
  19. S

    Poll Daddy Macro IP Address

    I am trying to create a macro for a polldaddy poll. The problem that I am having is that it only lets your vote once per ip address. Is there a way to work around this? I know I can use proxies but I am not sure how to incorporate that into the imacro? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. L

    Using VPN for boosting YouTube views?

    Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to safely boost views for my youtube videos by using a virtual private network + a macro that changes the IP? It seems logical to me that it should be working but I don't want my videos to be banned or views to be removed which would be terrible for my...
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