macro programs

  1. laur.laurix

    Any MACRO GURUS here?

    I'm using Jitbit Macro recorder to target a website with dynamic content. The macro I created work's great if the elements I need are found in the page but if those element are not found, hence dynamic content, it's useless because I have to reset it by hand. I need a macro recorder, where I...
  2. U

    Can anyone create a specific Macro for Instagram for me?

    It must be able to block users that I am following but who are not following me back. It must then immediately unblock them. This gives the same effect as unfollowing a user, however unfollowing is now very limited whereas as far as I know blocking is not. This is the only function I require...
  3. W

    [HELP] Creating a simple web bot/macro for personal use.. Where to start?

    If anybody can help, what is the best way to increase the downloads of a particular file on a website? Currently I am using a simple Firefox macro (imacro plugin) to goto a site, and download a file. Then change proxy. I have some programming skills, so if there is a simple way I can code...
  4. weaselstomp

    Get some additional traffic, automated :)

    A little trick I found and modified to make as unobtrusive as possible and still get some traffic. This works purely on blog-owner curiosity. The method: Fake your browsers referer to your website URL Stumble! When the website owner checks their stats, their incoming links should show your...
  5. T

    Workspace Macro

  6. killzone

    Macro Program Advice

    I want to set up a macro to run various programs where I boot my computer, are there any macro programs that can make the macros you record into some kind of file so that I can just paste it in the Startup folder and boot my computer every morning to run TI, UWCS, Xrumer, CL Email harvester...
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