lowering epc

  1. q3ick

    Learn how to Lower your EPC ratio! - Increase Your CLICKS!

    Learn how to Lower your EPC ratio! Okay so I am a little bored and decided to write this short guide. I will show you how to decrease your EPC ratio, if you dont know what EPC is then you dont need this guide. What is it good for? Getting PAID. Often times as a CPA marketer you find...
  2. D

    Watering down CTR/CR

    I made a tool for watering down my CPA conversion rates. Actually it's turning any traffic sources on your website into clicks to one or more targeted url without your visitor knowing it. A backend is available and you can: set the percentage of your traffic you want to convert in clicks...
  3. J

    Daily Traffic source to lower EPC ?

    Hi, I am currently using TrafficHolder to lower my EPC on my CPA Offers (With Cparedirector as well). It works well as it allows traffic to come in throughout the day to avoid big spikes. You can set the hourly traffic which is delivered throughout the day until your credit is finished...
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