low cpm

  1. Snqke

    Low cpm with huge traffic

    Hello guys, i own 3 adult website first one get between 70k and 100k daily visits seconde one get between 30k and 50k daily visits the third one get between 15k and 30k visit yeseterday i get 160k visits betweeb all these sites and im working with adsterra network and i get only 78$!! i see...
  2. DuckingOutstanding

    Why the F%×K do people keep recommending exoclick to publishers?

    Seriously?!? I can't find any redeeming quality about them that holds water. Their ads suck, exoclick native and banner ads take cup an enormous amount of load time and resources when they should NOT. And on top of those annoyances - the returns are a joke! Take a look at what over a...
  3. AppleBanana

    RPM Very Low, Need Expert's Advise

    To MOD: My apologies if this is in the wrong section. To all the expert out there, is my RPM normal? This one is Native ads... Feel like my RPM is way too low. Any advise/tips? 60k++ page views with $8 revenue. :weep: EDIT: Check my attachment for RPM, not sure why am I not able to post...
  4. Speedlearner

    January 2018! Youtube very low cpm

    Has anyone notice a big change of cpm? on January because my earning went drastically down is this normal?