low comp keywords

  1. M

    How to Find Low Competition Keywords for Merch T-shirt?

    Hello, I do custom T-shirt designs for POD platforms like Merch by Amazon, teespring, etc... I'm looking for a strategy to find low competition keywords (preferably, KGR keywords) in low competition/ undiscovered niches. I use paid tools like KWfinder, Semrush and Ahrefs, but each time I...
  2. G

    Questions about Google Ranking!

    Hey BHW, So currently, I am looking for other traffic sources to promote game generators. When it comes to google, in terms of costs, how much would I essentially be spending in other to get a website, landing page or parasite to rank for a “low competition keyword”?. And I do mean...
  3. dkv023

    Traffic without backlinks is it possible?

    Is it possible to gain traffic from only content, which are not written well (written by non english speaker)? Without backlinks. Optimized by low comp keywords only. What if I spent a lot of time for finding low comp keywords, which are not mentioned on serp on competition pages titles and...
  4. the gent

    Keywords, New site !!!

    Hey y'll How many Low comp Keywords for a new brand site SHOULD target ?? Appreciate it!
  5. V

    [$5 Trial] We'll Give You 'SUPER-Targeted' Keywords With "NO COMPETITION" For "PAGE 1" Rankings

  6. soa0611

    How would you spread 1000$ for ranking 7-10 websites (low comp)

    ok, at first buy expired domains, make decent articles for each of them, right? then, what would you do for offpage seo with such budget? some manual work or a cheap cool package on bhw..
  7. F

    expired domain to rank easy keyword?

    I found few keywords, which have around 200k searches with low competition ( 7 from kwrevealer ). Will I be to rank with just buying expired domain with trust flow and cf over 15+ and writing atleast 2k + words optimized article? In order to rank will I have to get for each kw own domain and put...
  8. vsching


    Hi guys, we just launched our keyword research service and would like to offer 10 free reviews copy for fellow members with at least 200 post or fellow Jr.Vip who are not providing similar services. In exchange, I would like to request you to provide a honest review on our sales thread。...