los pollos

  1. olakunkevibe

    Help, my journey as a newbie

    Good day BHW. I trust you are having a great time already. So I am entirely new in the world of affiliate marketing. (ADULT NICHE) I’ve been going through BHW and trying to sharpen my knowledge. Now I need to go fully into this and, with the help of you guys, I hope to meet my target. I’m from...
  2. Bedazzle

    Promoting Dating Offers (SmartLink)

    I'd love to see some journeys on this and ways people go about promoting this. It seems to be the least talk about money-making method here. I guess it's probably because it's one of the most difficult.
  3. Bedazzle

    Testing a New Method for Dating/Adult

    So after my last CPA dating offer thread here - https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/never-quit-first-conversion-on-dating-offer.1391780/#post-15093957, I decided not to quit. And today I came up with a really easy method but might be a little time-consuming since it's free traffic but I already...
  4. A

    What is the best CPA network ?

    Hey, i've stopped doing snapchat afilliate for a while and wanted to try again i've been on Los Pollos and i would like to know what is the best CPA network that doesn't ask for prove that i'm doing well right now with Los Pollos cause i've stopped. Also if you have advice on how to do that the...
  5. 912lab

    Dating Smartlink Verticals

    hey, I'm promoting the LosPollos Dating Smartlink with 300x250 ad banners, but I'm slowly running out of good banners ... how do you do this? do you create your own banners or where do you get good converting ad banners from?
  6. N

    account approvel

    i want to approve my lospollos account Mu user name perveznadiil23 Thank you
  7. ShehuAB

    Why is no one talking about lospollos shaving?

    Lospollos conversion has been down for the past two weeks, you'll send the same amount of unique traffic and won't get a quarter of the normal conversions you are used to. Is this a normal phenomenon with lospollos? do networks like revert to their normal mode or we the affiliates should just...
  8. Sardi


    HI my first time here , have been looking at this forum for a couple of months to find some answers to all my question and I want to know what is best fucking way to make profit out of a dating smartlink of an offer , what do you guys use ?? Does someone use Juicyads , trafficfactory, ect or...
  9. ShehuAB

    Adult Snapchat with los Pollos

    Hi I am trying to promote adult offers on Snapchat. Going with a single model and having about 400 views to my story within 24 hours. Now I get clicks from US mostly but not much conversions. I am thinking maybe my wording is not attractive enough to get them sign up or the many series of...
  10. L

    Is los pollos down or something?

    Anyone having an error msg when site is loading?
  11. L

    Question about Los pollos wire transfer

    Hello guys, Has anyone received a payment from los pollos through wire transfer? I was told that my payment has been made on Tuesday, this is Friday and i still haven't received my payment. My bank here wants to see the prove of their payment...but my affiliate manager keeps telling me that...
  12. L

    Question about los pollos (CPA) earnings

    God day everyone, I have few questions concerning my earnings on los pollos. If you made less than 100$ this week, and make 200$ the upper week, are they gonna add your 100 bucks to your current earnings? How can i change my smartlinks offers for a targeted country?
  13. Gabriel Damian

    CPA + Twitter | Succes Journey

    Hello Guys. First of all let me present. My name is Damian and I live in a little country called Romania, near Russia =)). I’m trying affiliates from 7 months and I have learned a lot of thing along this time. Now my income is around 3-5$ a day, but this is growing constantly, and until the...