long term

  1. tianbo84

    How do you decide what to do in ecommerce?

    I swear I seem to have way to many directions I try to go. I am wanting to do something more long term now though and wondering how most people decide. Affiliate, FBA, dropshipping, blogging, video creator, private labeling, apps, and goes on and on. There's a ton of awesome information here...
  2. reddflix

    [Journey] long terms nsfw, Cheap investment Build and forget Concept

    Hello, let me introduce a little piece of me I'm from indonesia, maybe some of you guys here know or maybe not well here i am now. Notes : sorry if my english not too good, but i try to use google translate as a help :) ====The journey is from the scratch and started as the day i made this...
  3. A

    A guaranteed way to make money, passively.

    I'm going to preface this and say that this way of making money has nothing to do with internet marketing or social media. It requires strong discipline and willingness to delay gratification. In my experience, it's the most reliable way I've had of making money over the last 10 or so years...
  4. MatyasKorcak

    Million dollars question - where I should put my focus for next 10-20 years in making "easy" money

    What business would you focus on, taking into account the expected development and direction of investment in a particular area? What business do you think is the most promising? Which Are You Going to Make The Most Money For Adequate Work? There is a lot of work where you can get up to death...
  5. iterate777

    Smart vs. Dumb Crypto Speculation... A Semi-Serious Analogy

    There are basically two types in any speculation. This write up may be biased and make fun of people. Reaching your dreams isn't child's play, but this can clear up the fear and uncertainty But, it can hopefully save some of you guys from paying with your asses. This post can also clear up the...
  6. bithome

    Porn Blog/Directory/Review Site

    After a long time i'm back in the adult industry. Had some tubes 2 years ago but had to let them die because of real world problems. My motivation is growing to new levels so i decided to put some energy in a new porn/adult related project. Done # Found a trending niche, low competition. #...
  7. J

    Product Review On Third Party Site

    Hi, I sell products to a third party and they have product reviews on their website. I want to boost up the product ratings on the websites with genuine looking product reviews. I know the website have some anti spam features so ideally the posted content need to be posted from different IP's...
  8. blackbrut

    Youtube/Wordpress/Adsense/Fb - Long term journey

    Hello everyone, I read a lot of journey on bhw since ~1 year. During this time, I try a lot of things, take some experience and also fail a lot. I think I am now ready to start my own journey here, I am sure I will receive great help and advice. Sorry for my english, I am french and I hope to...
  9. MatteoMatt

    Short video - Long term or short term marketing?

    Hey folks, this is my first post but im not new here, just returning. I am making this post mostly for the newer folks who maybe haven't built a long term business yet. I talk about business fundamentals that I wish I had known when I started Internet Marketing. It might be basic stuff for more...
  10. CeaseFireBlack

    Looking for serious Partner

    i always have my up and down times, i think i'm going through the down times so i'll reveal everything and it's up to you to decide. if you are looking for long term partnership where i'll be doing everything, please continue reading. i've been doing what i'm doing for 14 months, i kept growing...
  11. M

    Journey to $1000 per Month with Adsense

    Hello BlackHatWorld. Few days ago I started my own ( wordpress ) website. It's more a news website rather than a blog and has a specific niche. Anyway here's my plan: Target a Long-Tail Keyword per day. I'm hoping to get multiple rank 1s on low-search volume keywords. Write a HQ article...
  12. BloggerTonmoy

    How to do Tiered Backlinks perfectly

    Tiered Backlinks methods for amazon niche blog. Hello Guys, I'm thinking to do to Tiered backlinks for one of my amazon niche blog. Do you think it's still now good methods? If no then whats i need to do? And if yes then i have few questions. When it comes about Tiered backlinks how should i...
  13. A

    Blog vs Paid Traffic

    Which is better in generating good traffic for long term traffic goals? Blog or Paid traffic? Thanks.
  14. E

    Can We Rely On Pinterest As a Long-Term Income Source?

    You know you've heard this many times but I will say it again, pinterest is a gold mine. But the question is whether or not Pinterest is a stable income source. I've recently started messing around with some group boards and already seeing good results. I am willing to put most my effort in...
  15. catmanu

    [METHOD] Setting up Wikis for long term earning

    Introduction Hello fellow BHWers. I've got a nice white hat method to share with you. I've used it for three years now to create and get in some really killer white hat niches, both for getting outgoing links, and for making killer conversions right on page. This method is a long term method...
  16. D

    True White Hat - Everything By The Book

    Hey guys, I've been reading the forums for a few weeks now, but wanted to post with a specific question. I work for an ad agency, so I have to actually do things by the book that can't get my clients banned or sandboxed. I also only have 2 IPs to work from, so same deal there. I know the...
  17. BP247

    All I need is to make $50 a day.....

    Please - What is the perfect method to make at least $50 a day....Thats it, $50 a day on AutoPilot or may be with a little effort.... Just to make some long-term on-going regular daily income. (keeping in view i am from Pakistan - so suggest anything that can suite) I hope your kind...
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