1. J

    21 DAy OGE policy???

    I was trying to purchase an account and the current owner said that it will not come with the original email. I told the current owner why that is not acceptable and they replied by stating that the OGE is useless after "21 days", meaning if you change the email and the OGE does not attempt to...
  2. William Parsons

    JavaScript fingerprint for user authentication with no cookies enabled

    Would this JavaScript / PHP combination I've created in my open-source project be secure enough to fingerprint a user when no cookies are enabled? I'd like to know your opinions (and if cookies are strictly necessary for this): Client-side: const retrieveBrowserDetails = function() { const...
  3. TheArtMound

    How To create Login Page and Register Page In Html?

    Please Guide ME Or Anyone there To suggest method Please I hav Education Website On BlogSpot So I Want Explantion
  4. A

    Wordpress Developer

    Hi This is my first post as I joined BHW recently. Please read below requirement before contacting. I have one wordpress website. Go thru below steps: 1. User login with their user credentials (Tradional Wordpress Login Page) which is working well. You have to develop below steps: While...
  5. Luca Jones

    I got a chaturbate chargeback .. for $4500+?

    Hello fine people. I just want to share something with you today, something hell-shocking. I mean, sure - chargeback happens. I did get some chargebacks before on chaturbate but hell - a chargeback worth of $4500? This dude been spending since 2017 with me and all of a sudden what? He wants...
  6. ggvbro

    Clickbank Banned Morocco?

    Hi everyone, is there anyone from morocco that has problems login to ClickBank too ???? after i created an account i got a message error "service not available ..." i contacted the support they asked me to tell them my country, i said morocco, i got a reply back that they don't accept...
  7. A

    Openload login not working.

    It shows login key required. But I didn't get any login key on mail
  8. speedie

    Can't Login to Gmail

    I can't login to Gmail in Chrome browser on Windows 10 in my MabBook. The NEXT button that should be clicked when email address is entered just won't respond to click to allow me enter password. Sometimes if I am lucky to get through to entering a password, again the NEXT button to get through...
  9. Heisenberg's Hat

    Just signed up for Jarvee 1. location issue 2. no more login via phone?

    Hello, I have just signed up for Jarvee (not yet turned on because of the questions that arose) My account is 4 1/2 years old, 14k+ followers, login mostly Los Angeles. As soon as I validated Instagram I got an email from Instagram that there was a new login in San Jose, California (6 hours...
  10. I

    Group Buy SEO Tools

    Hello, I'm looking to buy SEO tools. Please suggest me few good websites or sellers, if you personally used. I mostly needed these tools: SEMRush Aherfs Moz KWFinder Majestic
  11. ThePlugMichael

    [HELP] Suspicious Login Attempt Instagram

    Hello BHW, recently I've had a "suspicious login attempt" on instagram and it needs me to verify my account using my email, however when i made this instagram account i used a temp email address that i no longer have access to so as of right now i am locked out of my instagram account, does...
  12. A

    Instagram - Lost my email and I need confirmation for using my account

    Help! I need my e-mail confirmation, but I don´t remember which email I used when registering my instagram account (I used a fake one). What should I do?
  13. F

    By passing "was me" prompt

    Hello, I have an automation platform and I'm having recent problems in by passing WAS ME prompt of my clients, when I try to login these profiles from host. My host is in the USA and the accounts are mostly in Brazil, from this, I discovered that whenever the profiles are old, the instagram...
  14. B

    4k Stogram Can't Login

    Any idea what is happening with 4k Stogram? Can't login into IG account...is it an adaptation to gdpr?
  15. S

    "Unable to login" Error

    Just today I noticed an error with most of my Twitter accounts. I'm using FollowLiker, and noticed that most of my accounts had an error status. Checking the activity log showed an error message of "Unable to login. Check that your Twitter username and password are correct." I've confirmed that...
  16. S

    I can't login to my Facebook account...

    I am unable to login to my Facebook account, I have the 2 step verification factor set up under my cell phone number and I input my password and it says that it has sent the code to my phone but I do not recieve anything for weeks now. I have tried texting the 32665 number and still nothing...
  17. kd199121

    Wordpress Free Plugin For login Along with Chat

    Hello !! I am designing a wordpress website which provides various types of activities related to chef - I need a plugin to setup a unique login with email verification and it will have the option to choose whether the user is a normal user or a chef - Both chef and user should have different...
  18. M

    Facebook Account Block directly next to login

    Hello, my facebook accounts very often directly get blocked next to the login, without any actions. Does anyone have the same problem, or a trick / solution to prevent this
  19. Stkr Dngr

    Facebook Login and Registration

    I don't want to go into long stories. Anybody know how I can register users when they click on the login with facebook button? Using the FB Docs information people will just login with facebook, but I have come across site where I did a fb login and chose a password, then I could always login...
  20. GoodGuy77

    SEO and Authorized User for Page Access

    If I have page which need user to login first. Is it affect seo in some way?
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