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  1. jmarc69

    First on LOCAL SEO | More qualified leads, more visits, more orders | Your best investment

    Local SEO | The Best Way for your Visibility Rank Your Local Business for less than $50 Be part of the first 3 results and become a must-see. Visible results within 72 hours. Number one for less than $50 When you’re first in local search on Google, you’ll want to stay there! We have...
  2. stephan

    Google Map Pin Citations – Improve your local ranking on Google Maps

  3. alishakapoor

    [Need suggestion] what should I do to improve rankings in 3 pack local listings

    Currently, i am ranking on 5th position for local listings. I want to break through into final three. What should do to get there. Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. N


    CONTACT US Email: [email protected] Skype: Primeseostore REFUND POLICY Once the order is started, it cannot be refunded, If you don’t get delivery within 21 working days of your order placement you are eligible for a full refund.
  5. insaneseoguy

    Does anybody know how to index the local citations fast?

    I have created around 100 citations for business but its been 6 months and they have not been indexed yet. Any solution will be appreciated.
  6. C

    Hello Everyone, Citations Pros

    Citations Pros Local Citations Building Team with lowest price.
  7. D

    Map Results With No Address

    How do you do that?
  8. H

    Getting calls from Local Citations websites

    Hello, I have seen issues of getting calls on registered business phone number for the website I am doing SEO. We got so many calls from Local Citations websites for buying their premium packages instead of staying in free ones. Is there any way we can avoid that? Shall I give another...
  9. F

    Any tools I can use for local citation or data agregator submision?

    Hi what are the best and cheapest posible tools for data agreagators submision and local citation? I was not able to find one that didnt required manual work . Offcourse you can hire someone but will be expensive. Please let me know a tool I can use to automatic do this work. Thank
  10. S

    Local Citation Finder - Business Listing Scanner

    Hello friends I developed this free tool it is very useful for Local SEO Providers, Hope you like it Some of its features are Find/Scan Business Listing On more than 140 sites Show top directories on which business is not listed You can download White-Lable report, With your Logo Upcoming...
  11. luckyman

    Aggressive Local SEO - Local Setup, Optimization & Manual Citation Service - Money Back Guarantee !!

    Be Aware of Scammers Always Place Order Through Website Frequently Asked Questions Question - May I See the Sample Report ? Answer - Yes of course. Let us know in the thread! Question - Can I see the Content Creation Report before submission? Answer - Yes of course. We will Create content...
  12. enigmaghost

    VA Help Needed: Local Bus Directory Listings

    Hello to all, I need some VA help with creating many local listings. PM me if have experience and interested.
  13. A

    Ranking Ecommerce Shop Local Website

    I'm looking to rank a local shop and ecommerce website for some keywords. They're selling jewelery and they are in Portland, OR (in the US). Keywords like "engagement rings portland or" or "engagement rings portland" and not that widely searched (up to 150 searches per month combined). Locals...
  14. D

    Ranking for local keywords.

    Hi guys, so I want to get straight to the point here. What are your ranking strategies for local businesses right know? Do you rely on citations, PBN`s, Authority Links etc.? As a consultant do you outsource most of the work and mostly try to sell or do you do everything by yourself? Thank...
  15. Kosher1

    How I got 4 of my clients on page 1 Google for Local SEO - Sharing Citations (multiple co)

    Hey All, It has been a while since I posted something good. I opened my window this morning, and a beautiful butterfly flew right in, it was orange with dark dots, looked awsome, and well, it reminded me of awsome placed such as, BHW! So here I am.... let us not keep secrets for we all need...
  16. K

    [GET ]Free Local Citation Submission Service

    Hello Just Found This Free Local Citation Submission Service Free Local Citation SubmissionWe Hand Submit Your Business To Top 10 Local Citation Sites And You Will Receive Report Of 10 live URL?s Of Your listing,Simply Submit Your Business Details HereLimited Offer Click Here Free Local...
  17. SolidTactics

    Local SEO Expert Needed

    I'm looking for a local search marketing expert to perform some research. I'm working on a white paper and I want to provide an example of a site which is ranking in the "Google 7 pack" (map section) and is ranking primarily from social signals (ie. likes, shares, tweets, etc) and not backlinks...
  18. freelanceronline

    LOCAL CITATIONS Building & Already Listed Wrong NAP Mess Cleaning Services

    We Have Done Citations For Around The Globe Projects so contact Without Hesitation for USA, UK, Canada, Thailand, Australia, Spain and Other Countries Please Contact. Are you in need of local citations Building for one of your own or your clients' business? We Also Provide Existing Wrong...
  19. Bostoncab

    Just bought a .tel Any guide for them? I remember seeing one but..

    Just bought a .tel Any guide for them? I remember seeing one but.. I can not find it now. I have seen some .tel domains ranking for local searches. I only bought this one because it is the name of my town and I figured WTH right? If I recall the guide I am remembering was build a local directory...
  20. B

    Social media, PPC google adwords, Local citation

    Good Day BHW Can Anyone suggest me where to download WSO about social media marketing like chad nicely social funnels something like that, likewise a tutorial about PPC Google adwords optimization and Local Citation. Thanks!