1. filiposlovni

    How do you make your living? Your income streams?

    This might sound weird but I was thinking of starting this thread so that anyone who is okay with it to share how they make cash and what are your future income plans? Mine: My family runs a fruits and vegetable shop for 10+ years I work there 7 hours a day and we make really good cash (Around...
  2. W


    Whether it is popular or not to be new on this site is yet to be seen. I am what I consider to be a normal person that likes to do everyday things. I don't claim to be more than that. I am not perfect but who being honest, really is?
  3. TheBizCat

    Any Thoughts on "Tiny Homes"?

    I've been looking into building a "Tiny Home" on a low priced piece of land in my area. I've watched some videos on YouTube about the matter, and I honestly could see myself living in one of these things. What do you guys think?
  4. FreeMan228

    Best city in the US

    Hello guys, I've moved to the United States 8 month ago. For now I'm living in Chicago, waiting for my work permit and then I'm considering to move somewhere in another city. This place has to be lil bit cheaper but still good enough for living and making decent money. I would like to hear you...
  5. E

    Cost of living in London (South)

    I have a job offer in London, so now i am asking here how much money per month would i need to live in London. I need to pay apartment or room, bus tickets...Any advice?
  6. goldemblem

    Can you make good enough money just from Youtube ads?

    I am building a Youtube channel and It has been growing quickly. Recently I discovered that i could monetize my videos, after that I made 20 doll in that month and next one 50. Do you guys think it's a viable strategy to try to build the channel and eventually get a good amount of money? Or...
  7. Z

    Do you make a living from your adult site?

    I have 500 uniques aday yet I don't make a living from my website, I'm far from it to tell you the truth. Is there anyone here that is actually making a living from an adult site, if so how many uniques do you have?
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