list cleaning

  1. goodbye tobey

    FREE 2k emails verification / list cleaning

    Hi everyone, I was able recently to get unlimited access to a very popular email verifier. It costs me basically 0$ so why not we all take advantage of this! I'll clean/verify 2k emails for you for free, just pm me your list and I'll send u a clean one in few hours.
  2. Spyderman

    Email Marketing Bounce Rate?

    Couldn't find a section for email marketing so I had to post here. Mods are free to move the thread to the appropriate section if needed. Now I am opening this thread to ask regarding soft bounces, I am averaging around 2.5-3.5% soft bounce rate on my email campaigns. Hard bounces are in the...
  3. L

    [FREE] Email Verification / List Cleaning

    I have an email verifier account with truemail, monthly I have 15,000 credit and I did not really utilize all. Is kinda wasted to see credit burn each month. Anyone wish to clean their list, do Inbox me. To fairly distribute to more people who need. I will help you verify 2000 per list each...
  4. speedie

    ✅ Email List Cleaning Service - ★★★ Reduce bounces ⚡⚡ Get ESP/ISP love★★★

    ScrapeVerify email list cleaning ⤵ Let's use the powerful software to clean your email list - this is an auto-sequential checking process which verifies different parameters including email syntax, existence of domain, DNS, and MX records to determine which addresses are working and able to...
  5. sendlerad

    ⚛️⚡Email Databases, Bulk Email Marketing Solutions, Data Cleaning, Scraping & MORE⭐✅

    Dear, BHW Member If you are an Email Marketer, and you are looking for quality email data & email marketing services, we offer: Email lists - Niche Data: Gambling, Forex, Binary Options, Crypto-currency Related Data PayDay, Survey, Home Owners, Adult, Dating, Gender/Income/Age Specific Data...
  6. J

    Email list cleaning software vs. service

    Hello, I'm new to internet marketing and have not found much information regarding how people with large lists avoid high bounce rates on their email blasts. I know of services such as neverbounce,briteverify and kickbox but they are expensive when checking 50,000+ emails. I found out about...
  7. D

    Spam trap email removal/cleaning service/person suggestion

    Spam trap removal or cleaning service/person we have list which is already in use but ESP wants me to check the list with spam traps. list is in use and need only the spam trap removal to non open emails. suggest me reliable service or person who is expert in same.
  8. jazza

    Bulk Emails and List Cleaning

    Hi all I could really do with some guidance. I have a client who is currently using Icontact and Mailchimp, they pay a fair bit for Icontact and I would like to find a solution whereby they are not being charged according to the number of contacts they have. They have opt-in lists but also...
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