1. EcomKon

    Anyone Know Any Large Supplement LIQUIDATION Sites/Services

    Hey everyone, you're probably looking at this thread extremely confused. I'm looking for any information on online sites where I can bid on supplements that are being auction because the company is going bankrupt. Or any site that I can purchase High quality supplements dirt cheap, like pennies...
  2. J

    Need Advice for Clothing Business

    Hello Members, I live in Netherlands and we intend to start with clothing business (from home) at beginning. our plan is to get in touch with wholesale/surplus/closeout/liquidation stock sellers, buy certain qty and then sell it via our website / online websites such as ebay, facebook, b2b...
  3. cburton81

    Get 100% Authentic Designer Handbags like Co@ch, Giani Bernini, LV, DKNY, Gucci....etc

    These are 100% Authentic Designer Handbags and Small Leather Goods Liquidated from a Major Department Store. They have 560 of these available for 60% off the retail price of 27,753. Message me if you looking to sell these.
  4. AdisLCS

    What Are Department Store Codes Numbers ?

    This might sound dumb to some but what are "department store codes". From what I gather online wholesale/liquidation places are not allowed to mention actual name of the store eg Target, Macy's etc but rather use "codes" to Identify them. In most cases the websites will provide the information...
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