linux server

  1. b_hatW

    Simple DevOps Task

    Hello, I have a digital ocean account, GitHub code, digital ocean server creation, and setup already done, now just need to clone the code from GitHub, build it and push it on the server and make the domain live. You have work on any desk/Teamviewer. If you can start it right now please let me...
  2. Degen

    [help] centos 7 server issues ,can't show GUI

    I have trouble showing my GUI on a centos 7 client, I have installed Gnome desktop when I typ # ls You can see that it has created a desktop etc. I have xming configured correctly ( following these steps) Yet I can't display either the desktop on start up nor xclock /xeyes.
  3. PremiumAds

    Need some help setting up a proper Linux Server

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Let me explain my situation; I am trying to set up a VPS to handle some software through a browser. I decided to go with a Linux server as Windows Remote Servers have been so so in my experience. After busting my head for a few days and knowing...
  4. H

    [NEED] Linux Expert

    I have a problem with my VPS and i'm looking to optimize it by setting some cron jobs. So I need an expert to give me the best recommendations and assist me to do it. Thank you
  5. A

    Windows/Linux Storage/Backup/Seedbox server

  6. I

    imacro script running on linux server for addmefast.

    Hello world, I recently learned to run imacro script on firefox to generate points. And I thought if we could implement these imacros on a linux server, and it will make the job much faster because the server internet speed is very high compared to ours. imacros can run successfully run on a...

    What to do with a Linux VPS?

    I've just been given a Linux 256MB / 1 CPU 20GB Disk VPS, I've never used one before and just wondered if you guys had any suggestions on what to play around with? ~KELLOGGS
  8. C

    Private Servers on Web Hosts

    Hi Everyone, Would anyone know of a host that has good services for Private Servers? I'm with the so called WallMart of hosts on a shared server and have been told that I am using too much bandwidth in my current form of operation to be on a shared server. There service plans for a private...
  9. G

    Looking for Linux server based tools/scripts

    I am looking for Linux server based IM tools, most likely PHP scripts. The idea here is true automation . . .something that can be set up in a cron job. Also, I do mentoring and I am looking for tools that I can host for my students. Tools I am looking for: Mass indexer -- urls to alexa etc...
  10. C

    Best Linux Distribution for IM which's SEO tools friendly!

    I have been using Ubuntu for quite a while,but I always had to restart and put windows in for running certain IM tools.Now I want to run a Linux Server for hosting my own websites as well as a Linux distribution that wont give Unknown errors which we'll never be able to fix it.Can someone...
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