link cloacking

  1. H

    I need a Google Ads & Cloacking Specialist

    Hello everyone. I have an online store that keeps getting banned on Google Ads, so I'm looking for an expert in cloacking & Google Ads. I need someone who can - Create the white page content - Set up the cloaking (I provide the JCI account) - Manage the campaign for me - Put my ad in top...
  2. N

    URL Shortner That Works On Reddit

    I wanted to track how will Reddit helped me promote some articles but I noticed that any post with would just get shadowed banned. I confirmed this was the case by reposting the exact same post with the URLs removed and it showed up. Does anyone know what I can do?
  3. kurosaki4d

    Need help with tracking my affiliate comissions!!

    Hello :) I own an affiliate blog through which I started earning commissions in the last couple of months. With that said, I'm having a hard time tracking my converting articles. Whenever i get a commission and I check the reports in the affiliate programs dashboard, I don't get enough data...
  4. Eholic

    Facebook Advertising

    What am I doing wrong? I’m really sick & tired of Facebook’s banning cr*p. Yes, I’m promoting affiliate products, but I’m following all the right guide lines such as using a bridge page (made with Wix). I tried shortening the Wix bridge page link, but it still won't let me proceed with the ad...
  5. obas

    Cloaking Links for Press Releases

    I've searched this forum but couldn't get the answers I'm looking for. Does link cloaking still works for Press Releases and does it really convert well for leads? I just read a course udemy and i want to try it out... I don't want to waste money on something that won't work, so far i havn't...
  6. B

    Setting Cloaker

    I am using following setting for cloaking. Site A/fake is my fake site that hosts the code Site A/fakelanding is landing for bots Site B My Money Site I am using technique with no redirection. Display url remains same the content is loaded from money site without display url being...
  7. J

    Need some guidance on link Masking or clocking for affiliate links

    Hello All, I am new here, if I am wrong then please correct me. I am facing an issue with the link masking. I am using API of a comparison website and create my own website based on that API. I will try to explain below - 1. I copy this kind of Affiliate link from "buy now" button which is on...
  8. L

    Advance cloakers, help me out. adverse effect on money site? other info needed

    I have an idea. I want to create a site, for amazon sales, adsense, whatever. This i will call the Money Site.... What i want to do is build churn and burn pages (this will be called Burners) that are expected to last maybe a month... I want to cloak the Burners so the users see my Money Site...
  9. I

    Complete Link Tracking , Cloacking & redirection Script, Testers Required

    Hello, I am making a Complete Link Tracking Script. but i just started small and will turn it into a complete linktracking & Analysis Script. But for now i am working on following feature. Link-->Linktracker(Track all the user info like hit, unique, geo, ip, browser & reffers etcc)--> Then...
  10. theconjurer

    Link Cloaking not working on wp 2.7

    I tried putting up a cloaked affiliate link on one of my wp blogs but the clickbank hop link did not change to the cloaked link. Any reasons for it? Has anyone faced a similar problem? The tool i used for cloaking was the tool present in the clickbank toolkit. thanks.
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