link checker

  1. TZ2011

    Link Checker (and referrer spam) | PHP/html/js script

    Entire day mincing it, let me know what to improve. - GUI, 5 themes - import links or paste manually - set referrer link that will be visible in server logs of visited websites - set speed / number of threads - referrer link and number of threads saved to local storage so you don't need to...
  2. F

    DA checker

    What DA checker works properly? I've found several, but each shows different numbers. One shows me DA 8 per domain and the same domain, other checker 17. Any relevant resources? I used thnx
  3. mindmaster

    MOZ is upgrading to link explorer

    Do you think it will be able to compete to ahrefs or majestic? Source...
  4. S

    Check Links on a Website?

    I was wondering if there was free software I could use to crawl someone's website to see if they link to my website? I also have access to Ahrefs and Screaming Frog. Thanks
  5. A

    List of links/urls - need a scraper/crawler/checker

    Hi, I have a list of urls from an online retail store, they are all API product pages and display available product information (like title, description, sizes available) in simple text format. I need a tool that can check these pages and look for specific keywords/brand names so that I can...
  6. T

    [SCRAPEBOX] Link Checker

    Hello everyone. In near future I will start a journey too because maybe will help someone. But, before that I have an incredible annoying thing with Scrapebox. Finally I bought Scrapebox ( I started from 0 ZERO, with fiverr, I made the money for Scrapebox and this is it. I started to look for...
  7. T

    No Links on Scrapebox Link Checker

    Hello, I can't get Link checker to return any working links, even on my own WP blog with several links, some with urls right in the comment. I have watched several tutorials. I can see it is checking my web site but it doesn't find the link. Sometimes, I get a 501 Error. I am using private...
  8. G

    Faster Alternative to scrapebox link checker?

    I am looking for faster alternative to scrapebox link checker. Currently I am having three issues with the link checker. - Lots of misses. - lots of time out - takes too much time. Due to these three anomalies, its affecting the delivery time of my backlinking orders. So, if anyone know a...
  9. pokerjk

    Scrapebox Link Checker

    Probably missing something really simple here but... With the Scrapebox link checker I cant see the full anchor link text. I can't resize the window or column size to see it either. How can I see the full URL of the anchor link please? Cheers BHW
  10. Y

    I will check your Xrumer profile links for free

    Hey Guys I will offer this as a token of my appreciation for all that I have learned on the forum. I have taken a lot of free knowledge here in the threads and have done well for myself. Time to give back! So if you have ordered a xrumer service and want to know the following: -what amount...
  11. M1ndfluX

    Scrapebox links checker - Whats UP?

    Hey guys, Any more of you experiencing slow link checking with SB? I know when i first got the tool a year ago the first versions checked links with almost the same speed as the poster. But it seems the last couple of months things get slower and slower. I have xsservers biggest vps's and...
  12. SpamHat

    [GET] Bulk Link Checker - (great to check the effectivness of link bundles you buy)

    ( Disclaimer: This is a quick script written in 5 mins, not a work of art. It's a quick and dirty link checker - no more, no less. :) ) What It Does: A few days ago I wrote a quick script in php to check a list of URLs for a string (my url). I wanted to check some of the link services here and...
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