Link Checker (and referrer spam) | PHP/html/js script


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Jun 26, 2011
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Entire day mincing it, let me know what to improve.

- GUI, 5 themes
- import links or paste manually
- set referrer link that will be visible in server logs of visited websites
- set speed / number of threads
- referrer link and number of threads saved to local storage so you don't need to write it over & over again
- basic functions like remove duplicated links, trim to root, shuffle links, save good links, save not working links
- links will be listed with server status, from OK (200) to 5xx (server status is not always set properly, so some false positives are possible)
- user-agent is rotated on each request/thread, set of the most popular ua's plus some custom version randomization


- Threads - Don't set more than 30 threads if your server sucks. Script will warn you if you set >30, just in case you forget
- 429 error - if you scan only links from one website don't use more than 10 threads, or you might trigger error "too many requests" (Use 'shuffle' option to mix links so they don't attack server consecutively)


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The tool looks great. How do you go about importing links?
Arrow to import text file with links line by line is above the first textarea... also copy paste to textarea
It's same, just improving it. Code is open for everyone to see, by the way. If I am some malicious player I could scan whatever and upload something else, right?
Sorry you feel offended, but rules are rules we all have to follow.
How long is this supposed to take per link? Just testing this on my desktop and checking 1 link never finishes, have let it run for several minutes.
How you have checked it from desktop, like directly open from folder or from XAMPP or similar? You need to run it from the server, php 7 / 8.

Speed depends of your server, number of threads. With 10 threads sometimes finishes ~1000 links in 1 minute, sometimes in 4-5 minutes for sites like wordpress or sites that need more time to connect. I've made some basic checks for timeout and connection timeout, to stop if site isnot available within 5 seconds.
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Just a script, standalone, nothing to do with any cms.
- added basic server check for minimal requirements
- fixed one previous bug with download working/not-working buttons
- added small tooltips, hover over element to see what is doing
- some mini visual improvements, like scrollbar thin

Download Link Checker

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Similar script but with keyword search
nice bro thanks for building this. do you mind dropping some use cases to test out? what do you use it for?
I am just testing limits of php, curl multi etc to be ready for something i am working on. Also to break the monotony of coding for specific project that is going too long already.
Scripts itself can be used in situations when you don't have access to better tools installed on computer. For example, for this keyword thing you can sit in cafe and scrape competitor's website links and check for industry specific keywords to see how many they use them. At some point i will make it to scrape all text from pages (removing the, a, and, of, to, she, he, them... and other irrelevant words) and sort single words, bigrams, trigrams by number of usage, to catch keywords they are focusing on.
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