1. Xaric

    How does Google view multiple backlinks from one domain?

    Hello all, I’d really appreciate your precious input regarding how Google views multiple backlinks coming from a single domain. For example, I’ve placed a backlink on the footer of a pretty large website that consists of around 20,000 pages (blog posts, archives, normal pages, etc.). Since...
  2. W

    Looking for high-quality backlinks from video games cheats and hacks websites

    Hello! I'm going into link building for my website, so now I'm looking for high-quality backlinks that are related to my website niche. My website niche is video games cheats and hacks like csgo aimbot, etc. If you have it or you know from where I can get some niche-related backlinks, please...
  3. Alucard348

    Which is the better link? - Important questions for off page SEO

    Hey everybody, I've been reading a lot of posts and really opening my eyes to the real world of SEO and have learned a fuck-ton from you folks here. I do have this one big question(and a couple of smaller ones) though that feels almost like an unscratched itch... When should you use relevant...
  4. B

    Database of +5000 websites for paid articles. Is it useful?

    Hello! I have a question for the community. I am currently working for a company that has spent hundreds of dollars in getting a database (a set of excel spreadsheets) of websites to do outreach to///to try to buy articles from. In the past, I also worked for a company that paid freelancers...
  5. UltimateBeast

    Premium Quality Web 2.0 Creation With Handwritten ArticlesTiered Link Structure➡️➡️Create A Brand For Your Site⬅️⬅️

    Web 2.0s still work well if made right and maintained well. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of spammy Web 2.0 properties that rarely provide any results and have indexation issues. This makes many people think that Web 2.0s do not work anymore. Although, if created properly, they still can...
  6. Aniket Roy

    Diaspora for link-building?

    Any of you ever used diaspora pods for link building? I see pages like this which are indexable, contain external links and well, they seem like do-follow links to me unless i'm missing something. So, can we use these pods(that's what we call them...
  7. Ccvbnm31

    Looking for the Most CREative Link Building Package.

    Looking for something more Camo or diversified(Creative). Tired of seeing the same anime Ms>Pbn>linkblast structure. Any creative people out there? It could be as diverse as using different platforms such as Youtube or gov/edu sites/wikip.etc or using image/audio code links on highrank sites...
  8. Queen Heidi

    Tiered Link-building Strategy

    Hello Emperors, I hope you're all staying safe with your family! ;) I'm going to spend my lock-down with doing some back-links for my 1 year old parenting niche website. Here I've enclosed my link-building strategy for different kinds of competitive keywords. For Low Competitive Keywords For...
  9. D

    Why Link Building is important for ranking?

    I am brand new to link building or have been doing it for a while. I wanted to know that may I continue the process or stop and move another option.
  10. tiiberius

    ❌ Are you sure your backlinks are ok? ✔️FREE sign up | LinkOkay

    . What users say... . . Contact: Reply to thread, PM me or use our chat widget. .
  11. M

    Looking for Indonesian Link building: .id TLD +Indonesia IP +Indonesian Language

    We're Looking for Indonesian Link building: .id TLD +Indonesia IP +Indonesian Language
  12. C

    What Links Are Better To Have?

    I can get,, or around 10 medium-sized sites for the same price. Which ones would be better to have, they are all do-follow
  13. tiiberius

    [METHOD] Are you Affraid to build (more) links?... This will help! (no, it's not an anxiety pill)

    I get it... Google can seem like a terrifying monster sometimes. Small tweak to their algorithm and moving back to the parent's basement is in order. That's where the fear of link-building is coming from. Some people are so terrified that they won't even do the "white-hat" stuff. They...
  14. F


    I am looking for someone who can get me links in high-end travel websites like Travel and Leisure. Also looking for help getting in high-end Sports websites.
  15. Deepak Soni

    How to Improve Page Authority of Shortened URL Backlinks?

    Before 2 days I was analysing a page in MOZ OSE and I surprised that a page has many 301 redirected URL shortened backlinks with almost PA-46 then I analysed many other pages of the domain and some another big SEO experts page and they are also having the same myth. Now I am very confused that...
  16. Ransom101

    Relevance of Web2.0 blogs for link building in 2016

    Hi! I'm looking at doing Web 2.0 sites but I have apprehensions as I feel I will be giving too much efforts for too little gains. So I have a series of questions for SEO experts out there. 1. Is maintaining Web 2.0 blogs for link-building purposes still relevant in 2016? 2. If yes, is it ok to...
  17. J

    [hiring] Permant backlink

    Looking for anyone able to post a permanent Digg backlink (at least 6 monts guaranteed, or if removal -> replace it). Not interested in it making the top page or anything. I'll provide the article, titles, etc. Let me know if anyone is able to pull it off.
  18. C

    Looking for software to publish on my self-hosted wordpress sites

    Hello, I'm looking for software that uses spintax articles and can publish them into my self-hosted Wordpress sites. My requirements: 1. Hold database of 100 wordpress sites with credentials 2. Generate up to 60 articles from each spintax article and publish them eg. 6/day. 3. Is cheap (~$30)...
  19. Los Angeles SEO Agency


    ~ July 1st 2020 Update ~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Celebrate Our 6 Year BHW Anniversary and show our gratitude we are offering a mind-blowing 50%...
  20. B

    adult link-building

    Hey guys, How do you build back-links on adult niche? Does it work?:question:
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