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  1. MarkWilson

    Anyone able to make a like exchange Instagram app?

    Hello I am looking for someone able to make a like exchange app for Instagram that works with token system. I need something similar to the multiple apps you can find in the android store or online. I need to be able to manage the users using the app. Good budget available
  2. snrpro

    Useful Facebook Tool - Like Inviter

    Hey guys, I have no affiliation with this product. I just randomly came across it and found it useful and figured you probably would too. It's a Chrome browser extension to auto invite people (so you don't have to press invite a million times) to your page that liked one of your posts...
  3. E

    Instagram free likes every 15 minute

    Hi Guys. Open fake account and send likes to your original posts. It is free and not dangerous. Because you enter with fake account. Sorry bad english :D www,igflash,co
  4. bonito84

    InstaLiker type of apps (Like apps) BAD for engagement?

    Hi there guys, I think InstaLiker iOS app is no longer on the App Store, but I'm still using it on my phone. Do you think that this type of apps are bad for engagement? They are basically instant likes (some times it takes a bit longer, but... yep, and I heard that Instagram somehow knows...