1. T

    if I have no passion into a specific field, what I can learn that have better opportunity ?

    I wanna learn a skill for freelance or make a business what are some skill I can learn which have better opportunity since have no specific passion
  2. The Accountant

    New here and willing to learn

    Hello, not new to the topics but new to this forum. Will definetly have fun here and hope we all can learn from each other and make a lot of money together :D
  3. S

    Another method of html

    Guys, i need a little help.. for now, i use a method that amp HTML and HTML separated for my landing pages and seem works... but.. i want to try the other method of using HTML efficiently... is there any method besides separating the ampHTML and HTML ? thanks in advanced..
  4. R

    Mother slaves method

    Hello everyone, I want to learn properly about mother slaves method for Instagram. Instagram promotion. Where from I can learn ?
  5. K

    Learn From Failure

    Successful People Learn From Failure One of the good things about successful people is the way they see and use failure. Yes ‘use,’ that’s right, failure could be used. Every situation and circumstance, whether good or bad, can be used to our advantage. Successful people utilize this...
  6. shininlove

    NEW STUDENT! i'm on the pursuit for more knowledge

    i want to learn... teach me please.
  7. tattooedbuddha

    [Journey] Breaking the Code of Semantic SEO: Crafting a Blueprint for Topical Authority

    Hello, and welcome to this journey where I will try to crack the code of semantic SEO and create a blueprint for topical authority. To keep an account of this journey and bring value to the forum, I have created this journey thread. Through this thread, I will document the effects of Semantic...
  8. T

    What are your thoughts on this website idea?????

    I want to ask for an opinion on whether it is a good idea to create a website like The Odin Project, but in Serbian. However, to first learn what the Internet is and other basics, then digital marketing and then programming, and to put some affiliate links but generally everything should be...
  9. tattooedbuddha

    Chat with a book using AI - Free tool

    As title says, I found a website that allows you to "talk" to a book. I've counted 56 books available so far, mostly about entrepreneurship, education, mindsets, etc. Enjoy, https://portal.konjer.xyz/ Note: I am not affiliated or endorsed in any way with the website/tool.
  10. S

    Willing to learn!

    Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself a bit, i'm a young man very wiling to learn how blackhat works, the different techniques and stuff, even tho i have some bases it's quite huge to handle, so much knowledge! So i was wondering if anyone had some infos about where and how to learn, the...
  11. Caramelman7

    Resources which will help you to lean Python (FREE )

    These resources are for everyone,if you are a beginner , pro or whatever your level is these are for all levels so don't worry. I'm trying to learn python and i made a thread about how to start leaning python and resources and most of you guys said Udemy and Youtube are 2 good options and some...
  12. Caramelman7

    Which python course is the best ?

    There are 3 python courses I found in my country and the first one is this one : The course content ^ Course duration : 3 ½ Months | 14 Weeks Course fee : 112 USD The second course I found is the below one Course content ^ Course duration : 48 Hours Course fee : 83.35 USD The third couse I...
  13. Caramelman7

    Where can I learn everything about python for free ?

    I want to try learning python. Is it a good idea ? What do you guys think ? If it is , can anyone of you recommend me some places where you learnt or you think it's good to learn python If it's udemy courses it's okay too, you tube videos , articles whatever it is I just want to self tutor...
  14. therp

    Any site to download Coursera courses?

    Hello everyone, is there any site from where i can download coursera courses?
  15. LeviAckkerman

    Best BHW-CPA course + budget

    Hi, I'm looking to get into CPA, I have minimum knowledge, I read a lot of BHW threads + youtube videos, and I realize that 90% of people that start this kind of business give up within 1-3 months, so I can say I will dedicate a lot of time on this subject. I am wondering what's the "best"...
  16. Efn

    If you know where to learn to make money with crypto, please tell me

    Hello everyone, if anyone knows where I can get information about it, I am attentive to listen to any suggestions. I feel like information is power, but when I venture to find where to learn how to make money on sites like Binance or these new cryptogames, I only see people promising $ 100 + /...
  17. Matthew Howard

    Do you want to learn Angular?

    I just bought subscription to https://angular-university.io/ cuz I need to learn for a project at work. If anyone wants - I can share my cookies with him. Just PM me.
  18. Dosto

    I need your help: What skills do you recommend to get back on your feet?

    Hi there at this moment for several reasons, I feel a bit lost but I would like to try -or rather, I must- to get back into the game and try to change things I hope that changing my mindset could help me better manage the depressive events from which I happen to suffer (even only a few people...
  19. tompots

    [Learn] ★ Botting Automation Free ★ iMacros Tutorials! (No-Codeing) ★ [Learn]

    What is iMacros? iMacros is a free chrome and Firefox automation extension, this extension allows you to create automation scripts like the pros without any coding. Here I will be showing you how to automate any website, extract any data, and much more. You can find the newest scripts in the...
  20. MrDenz

    Why 99% Of People Fail At Making Money Online!

    I see this happening over and over again. People make these mistakes all over the place, without even knowing that what they are doing is the price they will pay later! This is for people who don't have money to invest and start their projects. Unfortunately, I believe that from 100 people...
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