1. MrLynx

    Language Level A1, A2 or B1, B2 German Language

    Hello Folks, I need someone who can help me obtain a certificate for the language levels A1, A2, B1, and B2 in the German language. pls dm me on tg @MrLynx777
  2. jriz

    How do you make Facebook posts only visible to specific languages/countries?

    Can I post a Facebook page update that is only visible to speakers of a specific language, or people in a specific country? I feel like there used to be an option on Facebook pages to post a status or update that can only be seen by fans who speak a certain language or by fans who are in a...
  3. 3bdou

    How addmefast validate the action ?

    Hello guys I want to know what technology or language addmefast uses to capture an action made outside of their domain. When someone clicks on the like or subscribe button and then closes the popup there is a script that runs and validates the action. Any idea please because I see that no API...
  4. K

    Multilingual website or one language per website ?

    I'm going to build my own money site, and it's mainly for the EU zone PlanA Build three different website, such as (.com .fr .de) Plan B Just build .com and make it multilingual. Which one is better?
  5. Nad2017

    Best way to deal with a site that have content in multiple languages?

    I have a site that has the same content but translated to a different language, which approach from the following is the best (for long-term/ranking and Adsense monetization), and why? 1- Approach one: Have the translated content on the same site but in a different folder ie:>>...
  6. sxopetjs

    Translate WordPress – Google Language Translator By Translate AI Multilingual Solutions

    Hello, Currently, my website is in the English Language. After installing this WordPress Plugin: Translate WordPress – Google Language Translator By Translate AI Multilingual Solutions Now my website has a multi-language option available at the bottom. Is it Good for SEO? Can I website...
  7. Giorgi.

    How to use unsupported language in google ads?

    Hi, i was interested how to use unsupported language in google ads? i wondering to use Georgian language when making google Ads but my ads was not approved. i see someone use unsupported languages in google ads and its real can someone share experience here. Thanks
  8. myonletter

    Google AdSense Alternatives in Persian, Javanese, Albanian and Belarusian?

    Google AdSense supports the content languages listed here. Which alternative contextual advertising networks exist which provide CPC and/or CPM based text and/or banner ads for languages not supported by Google AdSense? I'm looking for viable ad networks which support Persian, Javanese...
  9. tuliosousa25

    How do you say Allow me, in your country

    Hello BHW! I have a silly question that just blows it my mind, and to make that work and need to know. How do you guys say "allow me" in your country? Like
  10. B

    What Language should i speak on my YouTube channel?

    I want to start a YouTube Channel, but i dont know whether i should make videos in my mother tongue (german) or english. My english is not perfect and you clearly hear my german accent. Now is the chance of profit in affiliates bigger with english videos?
  11. daftie14

    Quora Partnership Accounts

    Hello, I'm looking for QPP accounts. Interested in various languages. PayPal payout enabled. PM with age and language.
  12. CMG

    [Spanish or Catalan speaking people] What's the best way to learn your language?

    Sorry for the really long title, but as the title suggests, what's the best way to learn your language? I would love to have a somewhat decent grasp of the language in a relatively short amount of time (No goal set, really) I can't afford to hire a teacher, and honestly, I don't know how...
  13. xsilent.cleopatra

    Is multiple language can be a risk in seo?

    I have plan to scale my website into multiple language. For example:,,,, etc. My question, Is this way will be a risk to seo since only the template is having translated? My problem: - I can not translated the content because the content...
  14. MehdiBmm

    Buyer intent keywords

    Hey pals, I've got a multi-lingual website that has three languages, Arabic, French and Spanish and wanted to know what are the buyer keywords for each specific language. I know, it's going to be long so let me be precise, when people search for a coupon and a discount on a product, how they...
  15. rashidouk

    Expired domain

    Can I found any problem if i buy an expired domain and change the language of the content into another language. Ex: I mean if the blog is Espanol content in the past and i start to create the content to French.
  16. ShiningWarrior

    Anyone here from Germany or Netherlands?

    Hi, I have to write the following sentence in German to the people of Belgium and to the people of Netherlands. Now, I've tried google translate but since it's AI, I wanted to hear from a native German and a native from Netherland. English - This article is a good read on losing stubborn...
  17. AngoraSpace

    Remove Language To Reduce My Backup Size?

    I downloaded backup file (tar.gz) with file size about 80 mb. After I extract the file, I noticed that language is the most biggest part in my backup file. Almost 40 mb. I only need English and Indonesian for my website How if I remove another language file to reduce my backup size...
  18. Elin Dotsya

    Why Are So Many Grammarians Such [insert expletive/s]?

    I signed up for a few transcription jobs and am in the process of brushing up on my grammar. Almost every blog I come across talks about proper grammar usage. Many of these blogs are written by one or two snobby grammar nazis critiquing improper writing. They must be forgetting one important...
  19. Olivia.

    Can anyone help me with Russian translation?

    Hi guys I just need a few sentences translated with the correct grammar. Can anybody help or should I just use google translate? Thanks.
  20. Noah Hawryshko

    Learn From my Mistakes: Judging People on BHW

    There's something that I realized a couple days ago that I feel like I should point out for others when interacting with people on BHW. It's something so plain and so simple yet so easy to gloss over if you're a native English speaker: You can't judge somebody's intelligence by their grammar...
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