landing page guide

  1. G

    Landing Page Guide (Conversion Rate Tactics)

    What’s a landing page? In general it’s the page your potential leads/customers land on when arriving to your site. It’s not your homepage generally, but the page you send leads to in order to SELL to them. Landing Page: In...
  2. RB1987

    Landing Page Mastery - Optimize, Convert, and Profit

    Get "Landing Page Mastery - Optimize, Convert, and Profit" Udemy course 100% free Here You will learn: The difference between a landing page, squeeze page, sales page and long form sales letter - plus when...
  3. Q

    Does the colors of a landing page matter?

    I just read on this section "The psychology of a landing page" which is one of those posts that inspires you to come up with lots of ideas And now I wonder if colors really matter on a landing page or have I read just one post too many?
  4. S

    Landing Page Optimization?

    Hey guys, I've been working on my site and have been doing a lot of creative things to try to get some search engine traffic (mostly whitehat). One thing I did that has worked extremely well and has gotten me some traffic is creating pages that bash my competitor's products. These pages...
  5. Patrat

    *millions of free landing pages!!!*

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