1. Shqipenet


    Hi, if you`re a musician, music-label owner or an artist manager then I´m glad to tell you that you`ve found the holy grail of Blackhat Music Marketing. We´ve helped a lot of artists reaching their goals! We helped newcomers to get their music into the top chart positions that often...
  2. O

    Chaturbate WL or GoDaddy?

    Every time an ad is clicked on my white label it opens a new tab but has a 20 second caution. I have not been able to find where to disable this. Should this be on chaturbates side or something i change on GoDaddy? Thanks.
  3. ReneBHW

    Need someone who makes label for clothes

    Write me if you make labels for clothes
  4. DonJJ

    Hi. I want to dropship from Amazon to ebay, but I can't find the "custom label" option...

    Hi. First post here. I've learnt a lot, but haven't had lots of time to put things into practice. I've decided to start dropshipping to ebay from amazon. I think I can find a a few good items. But what can I do about the Amazon label? I heard you can use a custom label but for the love of God I...
  5. T

    Just started our own electronic music label and need help!!

    Hi Guys! After two years of hard work and making connections with artists all over the world we decided to start our own record label. Yesterday we released our first house track which was very nice. But we still don't have a lot of followers and of course the sales aren't as good as we hoped...
  6. iq465

    A dj says hello :)

    Hey BHW. This forum is a fantastic resource, and i'm excited to start sharpening my seo skills! I'm looking for an online partner, someone who want's to take my label's songs, and via their promotion work on the web, keep 40% of all download profits (including affiliate $ from itunes). Each...
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