1. Josh Saga

    Best KW Research Tool?

    Hello Dears, Asking your opinion on this - which has the most accurate KW Search Volume metric? Here divided between the 3 SEMRush Ahrefs KW Finder (Mangools) I just need the most accurate one for KW Search Volume Thanks, Dear Sir Josh Saga xoxo
  2. ShiningWarrior

    Regarding country specific Keywords

    Hey, when doing a geo-targeted offer, we should always select use native language keywords for targeting right? Like for example we should use Dutch KWs for an offer for Germany, right?
  3. D

    Reliable/accurate free/low-cost KW difficulty research tool?

    Hi, so I know there's KWFinder/Ahrefs (too expensive), Ubersuggest (not sure how to use properly; supposed to have a keyword difficulty metric but doesn't show it in search results), and Moz/ are options, I guess, but I don't know how trustworthy their KW difficulty scores are. I'm...