keywords everywhere

  1. seocrab

    How to view historical keyword trends right on the SERP

    Here's another free tool you can use while doing your keyword research on the SERP (works with my free SERP keyword research method). Keywords Everywhere (free version) shows you historical keyword trends for everything you search. Premium users will also see keyword volume estimates, but...
  2. kitqra

    [FREE] Keyword reports from Keywords Everywhere

    Hey! I have around 70k available keyword reports that I can generate from browser plugin Keywords Everyhere that I'm willing to give away to members. There is of course a limited amount, will give away 500-2k or so per member, depends on amount of requests. All you have to do is comment and...
  3. R

    Issue with Keywords Everywhere

    When I copy/paste a bunch of Keywords using the "Bulk Upload Keywords" option, I find that after running the metrics I get less keywords back. So right now I've copy/pasted there 1035 keywords, but after the metrics it returns only 900 keywords. This also happens with 100 keywords, as only 97...
  4. MuDiab

    Noob Question Regarding Keyword Research

    Using Keywords Everywhere Extension, How to measure the competitiveness of the keyword and it's difficulty ?
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