1. U

    Keyword research

    Hi there, I have a little specialty for you. My Keywords need to be in the erotic sector. Do you know any tools to use, which include erotic keywords in several languarges?
  2. udayantha11

    Keyword research now 4 days-Still

    I am using Keyword Planner , Google trends and MOZ to kw Research. But still, no topic find. continuously searching for 4 days. I am getting Goodsearch volume keywords but the problem is HIGH DA ,PA Sites there already. please explain how to do..
  3. SpoonFeeder

    [Tut] Get keyword search volume under Google's searchbox

    Step 1 : Install this Google Chrome Extension : Step 2 : After the extension is installed, navigate to this page and submit your email address. Step 3 : You'll receive an email with the API Key. Copy it and paste it here. Now search your favourite keyword in Google to see it's search volume...